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Kankanaey IP women learn meat processing

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, March 29, 2023 – To ensure long-term financial security of the farmers, indigenous Kankanaey women beneficiaries of the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in Mountain Province received Etag and Longganisa Processing training, a value-adding activity to cap-off Program’s assistance in the farmers’ association (FA).

A final hands-on training on meat processing was organized by the DA-SAAD Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) for the beneficiaries of backyard swine raising in Sabangan, Mountain Province. The participants belong to the Napua Farmers Timpuyog Organization (NFTO) Farmers Association (FA), an operated FA with 145 members.

The training was initiated by the SAAD staff of Mountain Province, while the discussion and hands-on training was led by Mr. Lee Moguil, member of the Aguid Gardeners Organization who has an expertise in meat processing. It aims to provide the members with knowledge and skill-based capacities for value-adding meat products such as longganisa and etag. Further, it also aims to ensure safety and quality in food production. 


The NFTO is among the pioneering associations in Mountain Province. It is composed of  indigenous farmers who are crops and swine raisers from the Kankanaey tribe with incomes listed below the poverty threshold. Registered in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in 2019, the group is a recognized rural-based workers with identified capabilities to engage in entrepreneurial activities. 

Through the SAAD program, the group received the Swine Repopulation Project, in which 10 members were selected as first-in-line beneficiaries. The said project is in response to the DA’s flagship hog repopulation program after the African Swine Fever breakout. 

Under the project, the first-in-line beneficiaries received a feed subsidy good for one cycle. The said assistance required them to roll over 20 head of piglets to cater the 2nd-in-line beneficiaries. Aside from the rollover scheme, the association agreed to allocate additional two piglets for the operation of association-based swine multiplier project. 

The said additional two animal stock will be allocated to the communal farm of the group after the establishment of water tank intended for the maintenance of swine housing. After allocation, the group members will take turns in the project management, thereby allowing the association to start and engage into enterprising. 

Training on Meat Processing

The Etag and Longganisa Processing training was attended by 15 representatives of NFTO. Initially, the farmers were taught the importance of basic hygiene for food processors and sanitation, including proper handling of meat during the processing. 

In his discussion, Mr. Moguil expressed that as future food processors, it is important to maintain personal and environment sanitation, and practice food safety to reduce the possibility of food contamination and risks of transferring food borne diseases to the customers. 

Further, a meat processing demo was conducted which includes preparation and mixing of ingredients. He encouraged the participants to do experiments in combining the ingredients until they will get the perfect blend according to the preference of their customers.

“Salasalamat tay in-share yo san ammo yo ay mangi-process si karne ta naadal mi abe. Makatulong na ken dakami tapno makaamag kami abes si produkto mi. Isunga ma-appreciate mi san anus ya layad yo ay mang bad-badang ken dakami kaskaro sin DA-SAAD ay programa,”  said Jona Tipoksa, NFTO member.

(Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge in meat processing. This will help us so much in coming up with our own meat products. We really appreciate your kindness and willingness to help us, especially for the DA-SAAD program.)

Looking forward, the group members focus on their swine production to increase the amount of their livestock to engage into selling both liveweight fresh meat and meat processing. 

According to the group members, part of their goal is to help their community in terms of meat availability since Brgy. Napua, Sabangan is one-hour away from the town proper. With the livelihood assistance of the SAAD Program and proper training, the group members shared that they are now one step closer towards enterprising. 

Further, to sustain their production, SAAD MP endorsed the NFTO to the Municipal Government of Sabangan for partnership and technical assistance. ###

Writer: Flordeliza A. Afidchao, DA-SAAD Mountain Province Information Officer

DA-SAAD Community Development Officer
DA-SAAD Project Development Officer

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