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2022 SAAD Annual Report

Since its inception, SAAD has made transformative changes in advancing the welfare of the most marginalized farmers and fishers in select “special areas” across 30 provinces in the country. Without any stone unturned, the program finished in 2022 positively and with confidence having to tap all possible points of collaboration, and synergy – putting in place policies, procedures, projects, and means to execute these projects, as well as localized arms to facilitate local operations despite budget limitations. The core goals remain, to contribute to poverty reduction within these special areas where basic social services are scarce either due to their geographic location, considering the archipelagic nature of the country, or communities who have peace and order issues – through community and agricultural development. These conditions expose our kababayan to rampant poverty, that gradually became embedded in their communities. Projects undergo different methods of studies to fit the needs of the communities, that manifested in the result of the Social Preparation and Enterprise Development Assessment, where the program scored high in the effectiveness due to suitability of projects both for farming and fishing sectors. Community-wise, the Program also scored high in terms of project adoption, and revealed relative success in fostering community participation and unity, and generation of employment among locals. More details on the SAAD 2022 Annual Report.

Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program Online ISSN: 2782-9596
Published by the SAAD National Program Management Office Editorial Board

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