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RED Cedeño leads turnover of SAAD interventions in Talipao, Sulu

SULU, January 20, 2020 –  Newly-appointed Department of Agriculture (DA) Regional Executive Director (RED) Rad Donn Cedeño led the turnover of the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program’s 2018 and 2019 agricultural livelihood interventions to its beneficiaries in the municipality of Talipao, Sulu. The interventions given are part of the Cassava-Corn-Peanut Production and Native Chicken Production Projects of the SAAD Program in the province.

RED Cedeño also conducted field visits to SAAD areas and met with the Local Government Unit officials from adjacent municipalities. He was assisted by Mayor Nevocadnezar Tulawie in the distribution of the certificates of turnover and acceptance to the beneficiaries during a ceremonial program held at the municipal conference hall.

Forty-five (45) recipients of the interventions were farmers of the Kaadilan Ha Kasambuhan People’s Association from Barangay Liban, Barangay Tiis Kasanyangan Association from Barangay Tiis, and Kasambuhan Sing Barangay Tubod from Barangay Tubod. 

Ten (10) SAAD farmers of Kaadilan Ha Kasambuhan People’s Association received 72 rolls of hog wire, 18 rolls of barbed wire, one (1) roll of polynet, and 30 bags of peanut seeds.

As for Barangay Tiis Kasanyangan Association, 10 SAAD farmers received 48 rolls of hog wire, 12 rolls of barbed wire, one (1) roll of polynet, and 30 bags of peanut seeds.

Twenty-five (25) SAAD farmers of Kasambuhan Sing Barangay Tubod, on the other hand, received 141 rolls of hog wire, 37 rolls of barbed wire, and three (3) rolls of polynets.

In his message, Director Cedeño said he appreciates the full support given by Mayor Tulawie in the implementation of SAAD projects. He said, “Such actions by the LGU will tantamount to the successful realization of any projects or assistance being implemented by any national agency, and I am optimistic this partnership and coordination with the LGU in this province will be strengthened further to ensure the successful implementation of SAAD projects and help uplift the living standard of the farmers”.

From Talipao, the group proceeded to the municipality of Maimbung where Director Cedeño had a brief meeting with OIC-Mayor Edzfar Tan, Municipal Administrator Parsy Hassiman, and other LGU officials regarding SAAD projects.

After the meeting, the group visited the Egg-Laying Poultry Project in Barangay Laum Maimbung and Cassava Production Project in Barangays Laum Maimbung and Matatal. 

Director Cedeño also held a brief consultation meeting with seaweed farmers in Barangay Nonokan, municipality of Parang. 

Prior to the field visit, RED Cedeño and the SAAD Sulu team paid a courtesy call to Vice Governor Abdusakur A. Tan II at the Provincial Capitol where both officials exchange views and opinions on how to address certain issues affecting the agriculture sector in the province.

In his first visit to Sulu, RED Cedeño was accompanied by his Chief of Staff Ronel Colcol, Legal Staff Arnel Bustaleño, Alrashid Salim (SAAD Action Officer for Sulu), Alejandre Cordova (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer), Jeffrey Salih (SAAD Provincial Coordinator), Annaliza Dauring (Area Coordinator, Talipao), Shie-Ann Anda (Area Coordinator, Maimbung), Akhmad Yamani Tuttuh (Area Coordinator, Maimbung), Al-Khartemar Sangkula (Area Coordinator, Parang), Al-Anash Yusop (Area Coordinator, Panamao), Earnest Baird (SAAD IT), and Information Team. ###


Writer: Edward Non, DA Regional Field Office IX

Editor: Natalianne Delos Reyes, SAAD Public Relations and Communications Officer

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