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Barangays from Apayao received corn seeds, rice seeds, urea, and complete fertilizer

KABUGAO, APAYAO The Department of Agriculture’s Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program distributed 100 bags of corn and complete packages of fertilizer to 50 farmer-partners of Kabugao on May 18, 2019.

The farmers were from the barangays of Lenneng, Luttuacan, Laco, Baduat, and Poblacion.

Each farmer-partner received 2 bags of corn, 2 bags of urea and complete fertilizer, and 1 sachet of organic fertilizer. These farmers are also members of the Blessed Farmers, Lucky 7 SAAD, and Productive SAAD Farmer’s Associations.

On May 24-25, 2019, another set of farmer-partners from barangay Karagawan and Lenneng received rice seeds and fertilizers. Twenty-three members of the Lucky 7 Farmer’s Association received 50 bags of rice seeds, and 23 bags of urea and complete fertilizer.

Another 24 members of the Blessed SAAD Farmer’s Association received 72 bags of rice seeds and 48 bags of urea and complete fertilizer. Each member received 3 bags of rice seeds and 2 bags of fertilizer.

This distribution of SAAD FY 2017 interventions was led by Ms. Shermyn Pecban, the SAAD CAR Agricultural Technician, with the help of the Office of the Agricultural Services (OAS), the Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU), and the Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU) of Apayao.###

Source: DA – SAAD CAR

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