3,840 layer chickens provided to 120 Sulu farmers for egg production

SULU – The Department of Agriculture (DA) – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program Region IX, in partnership with the DA Sulu and the local government units in the province, successfully distributed 3,480 layer chickens to 120 farmers for the FY 2018 Egg Production Project on June 15 and 28, 2019.

The 120 farmers are members of eight associations, which are Bangsa Sug Farm Family Association and Matagal Egg Machine Association from Talipao; Masambu Maadil People’s Association and Tiis Kasanyangan Association from Panamao; Anak Miskin Farmers’ Association and Upper Patibulan Farmers’ Association from Parang; and Kaha Farmers’ Association and Laum Suah Farmers’ Association from Maimbung.

Each association received 10 modules of egg machines and two months’ worth of feeds supply. Each module consists of 480 layer chickens.

Poultry supply in the province ever since has always been imported from other places, such as Zamboanga City and other places in Mindanao.

During seasons of celebration like Maulud (Birth of Prophet Muhammad) and graduations from March to April, the price of egg is normally very high due to shortage of supply. That is why the egg machine enterprise was introduced to the province to fill their needs.

DA SAAD Region IX expects to deliver their 2019 interventions for another Egg Production Project this August 2019. ###


Writer: Jhomai Canlas, SAAD PR & Communications Officer

Source: Jeffrey Salih, SAAD Sulu Provincial Coordinator