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Leyte farmers earn Php 41K within 3 months from layer egg project

One of the positive values of Filipinos is working together without asking anything in return known as bayanihan. In Eastern Visayas, this trait is regarded as pintakasi practiced by the Julitanhon Integrated Farmers’ Association (JIFA). With unity and cooperation, the group accumulated Php 41,476 gross income and provided a fresh source of food for their community through the chicken egg production project of the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA – SAAD) Program. 

Under SAAD Phase 2, the 23 members of JIFA in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Julita, Leyte received Php 895,475 worth of inputs for poultry production which included 408 ready-to-lay (RTL) chickens, 140 bags of layer feeds, two (2) weighing scales, two (2) kilograms of multivitamins +ADE, and 600 egg trays on July 14, 2023. Before the official distribution, JIFA members underwent technical training on layer chicken raising and financial management to ensure readiness for project management and sustainability.

Beneficiary Needs Assessment results revealed that JIFA farmers are driven to enter the egg layer business because they have noticed that the supply of eggs falls short due to high demand in their community.

As a counterpart, each member contributed Php 500 used to buy materials for the poultry house. Members also volunteered to work together for the construction of the chicken coop to cut labor costs. 

JIFA formed seven groups composed of three members assigned to tend the farm daily. Each team completes its own set of duties, including feeding, watering, egg collection, manure cleaning, and choosing who will take care of the chickens during the night shift. To maintain the RTL’s good health, members on duty make sure chickens are well-fed and have always available water. Also, they built an isolation cage for sick hens to avoid contamination among the flock. 

From the start of their harvest on July 22, 2023 up to September 12, 2023, JIFA collected 7,546 pieces of eggs from small to jumbo sizes sold at Php 205 – Php 245 per tray, giving them Php 41,476 gross income. Their sharing scheme follows a policy where they deduct 70% from the net income which is deposited to their bank account, 15% is being maintained as cash-on-hand and the remainder goes to the members.  

JIFA supplies fresh eggs at bulk orders in different sari-sari stores in their community and nearby barangays.  There are also walk-in customers who buy a minimum of 20 trays. 

To keep track of their revenue, JIFA treasurer Mr. Dino Pelicano records details into their cash in – cash out ledger. Assigned SAAD area coordinator conducts a monthly meeting with the farmers while assessing their sales in order to uphold monitoring and mentoring duties. Dividends are on the organizations’ agenda, but since the project only began two months ago, they haven’t been put into practice yet. They set aside Php 6,000 each month for utility fees like electricity and medications to treat sick chickens.

Currently, JIFA’s poultry venture is already insured to the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) so the group could avail insurance protection or indemnification once their stocks are hit by illness or diseases, such as Avian Influenza. They also started their vegetable garden in the vicinity of their layer house for additional income and serve as a leisure activity for members on duty.

Nagpapasalamat sa Diyos na asya it nag-guide na mayda instrumento na makabulig ha amon na magkamay ada kami hin another source of income. Nagpapasalamat kami han DA-SAAD, tikang sa mga meetings, trainings sa mga sacrifice ninyo para ha amon, salamat sa mga leaders lalo na it amon president na hataas it pasensya pag-guide ha amon,” said Ms. Julieta Los Baños, JIFA Auditor.

(We are thankful to God for guiding us to have an instrument for another source of income. We thank the DA-SAAD for all the interventions they have given to our association, as well as our leaders, especially our president, for their patience and guidance.)

Pintakasi greatly contributed to the business progress of the JIFA. They will continue this good practice to achieve more profit in their  poultry business. JIFA members now envision a wider range of markets, supplying fresh and affordable eggs through the expansion of their chicken egg production by extending their poultry house since there is still available space to accommodate additional RTL chickens to be purchased using their savings. ###


Writer: Justine May A. Delloro, DA-SAAD 8 Information Officer  

Source: Rizza Gallardo-Dorango, DA-SAAD Leyte Community Development Officer

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