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Surigao Sur farmers find viable income from SAAD egg production project

SURIGAO DEL SUR, May 5, 2023 – Eighteen (18) months into the business, 22 poultry raisers awarded with egg production project from the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program Caraga reported earning Php 318,053.00, serving a viable additional income source in the locale.

Antao Swine Raisers’ Association (ASRA) is a group of farmers from Brgy. Antao, Carmen, Surigao del Sur organized in 2019 engaged in swine raising. Primarily, the farmers’ association (FA) intended to receive a Swine Production Project from SAAD but replaced it with Layer Chicken Production Project after the emergence of African Swine Fever in 2019.

From FY 2020 to 2022, ASRA obtained Php 2,862,585.00 worth of inputs in support to their project (with primary inputs such as 820 head of white leghorn: 360 head in 2021 and 460 head in 2022), 955 bags of feeds, egg trays, weighing scale, drugs and biologics, and poultry house construction materials good for two (2) production cycles. 

ASRA member Radnie Rex shared that the project not only generated income but also served as an immediate food source, especially when travel restrictions and lockdowns were imposed in 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Dako nga tabang kay sa pandemic man to na timing ang pagabot sa project. Naa mi madali-dali nga pagkaon (The project is a big help to us and a timely aid during the pandemic. It has become our immediate source of food since), expressed Rex. 

Primarily in 2020, ASRA obtained 345 head of native chicken with 92 bags of complementary feed, which they raised individually in their backyards. They also received 50 pouches of vegetable seeds, procured as COVID-19 aid. 

Project status

On average, ASRA collects eight (8) trays of egg per day from the first delivered batch of white leghorn under FY 2021(360 head) and 14 trays per day from the second delivered batch under FY 2022 (460 head). They sell their eggs at Php 200 per tray. 

The member in charge of looking after and feeding the chickens is also responsible for selling the eggs collected on the same day. 

“Makakwarta gyud sa white leghorn. Ang demand sa itlog kusog labi na kay mahal sa Madrid. Dire, mahalin dayon kay makita nila nga presko (White leghorn is profitable. Our eggs are in demand in the locale since the pricing in Madrid is higher (an adjacent municipality and center for trading). Ours are also guaranteed fresh), said ASRA President Reynalda Sotes.   

Members vary in selling schemes. Some sell it directly to consumers in the community, paid in cash or lent, while others buy it for family consumption. They remit their individual sales during their monthly meetings, on the first Wednesday of the month. 

From 2020 to 2022 the association reported Php 318,053.00 sales from selling eggs.

Table 1. ASRA income from egg production project (2021-2022)

*2022 income as of December 7, 2022

ASRA also collected a membership fee of Php 100.00 (2020) and monthly dues at Php 10.00/member (2020 to 2022). They accumulated Php 8,650.00, which was used for abrupt expenses. 

As of December 21, 2022, they have Php 104,000.00 cash saved in the bank and Php 8,000 on hand. 

The association conducted income-sharing twice with each member receiving Php 317.00 in 2021 and Php 400.00 in 2022. This was on top of the profit they earned from reselling their collected eggs.

Ways forward

ASRA plans to expand its stocks and production post-SAAD Phase 1 implementation. In preparation, they constructed an additional housing with inputs funded by the Program worth Php 200,000.00 under FY 2022, which included cement, gravel, washed sand, deformed bars, tie wire, welding rods, round bars, angle bars, and electrical wiring and accessories, among others.

The labor, along with additional inputs, such as text screws, steel rods, welding rods, and roof paint (20 liters), and a welding machine, was their counterpart. For the said expansion, ASRA also secured a separate 200 sqm lot worth Php 60,000 in February 2022. 

ASRA’s counterpart amounted to P130,000.00 as they improvised the housing to prepare for future expansion, such as adding stocks by 2023. 

Four (4) members of ASRA alternately led the construction and paid ranging from Php 400.00 to Php 600.00 per day. The construction started in August and was completed in October. It can house up to 800 stocks of chicken designed for future expansion. In the meantime, it houses the 260 head funded by the Program under FY 2022.

In their sustainability plan laid out in September 2022, the FA plans to replenish their layer chickens every two (2) years. As of December 2022, they have 771 head. The first batch, which was delivered in July 2021 is expected to be culled and replaced in 2023.

Relevant to the end of SAAD Phase 1 (FY 2019 to 2022), ASRA, along with the 31 assisted FAs of the SAAD in Caraga, is set to be formally turned over to the local government unit within the first semester 2023.###

Writer: Mark Angelo Pineda, Regional Information Officer DA-SAAD Caraga

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