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Western Samar FA establishes swine production after earning from SAAD’s vegetable production project

WESTERN SAMAR, April 27, 2023 – The Bonadeyo Chicken Egg Layers Association (BCELA) in San Jose de Buan, Western Samar established their piggery business after earning from the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program Phase 1 vegetable production project. 

Using the initial earnings worth more than Php 30,000.00, the group has earned enough to expand their livelihood production. In this context, the beneficiaries that take part in community-based enterprises, contribute to the overall success of SAAD Program Phase 1. 

About BCELA 

Organized in June 2022, the BCELA is composed of 32 members who rely on vegetable production as their primary source of livelihood. In December 2021, the program provided livelihood project inputs consisting of vegetable seeds, garden tools, weighing scale, plastic crates, and fine net intended for poultry fencing.

As a counterpart, the group provided a communal garden with an area of 1 hectare (ha) in Poblacion 4, San Jose De Buan, Samar. The production area was owned by Mr. Gaspar Babatio, a member of the group. As agreed, the association will pay the land owner with Php 1,000.00 every three (3) months.  

Results of project implementation

During the communal gardening, the members participated in land preparation cultivation and seed propagation. The land cultivation and seed propagation lasts from December 2021 to February 2022. Later on April 22, the group started to market their vegetable produce within their community consisting of ampalaya, bell pepper, sponge gourd, string beans, watermelon, and bottle gourd. 

According to Mrs. Nimfa C. Reyes, Municipal Agriculturist in San Jose De Buan, SAAD is an effective program to reduce the poverty incidence in their community. In six months of farm operation, the group accumulated a total of Php 30,165.00 gross income from December 2021 to May 2022. Using this, a piggery business worth Php 28,450.00 was established in June, 2022. 

Table 1. Income generated from vegetable production

Livelihood expansion on piggery production

Being free from African Swine Fever (ASF), the group purchased five (5) head of pigs to start-up the association-based swine production. The group constructed a 21-square meter animal housing in Poblacion 4. 

Following this, they agreed to divide the association members into seven (7) groups  in order to establish a systematic farm management. Three (3) farmer members were assigned everyday to do the task in feeding, administering biologics, and cleaning the pens.

With proper management, 10 piglets were produced by one (1) sow. Later in March 2023, the association reported Php 46,500.00 gross income from selling three (3) head of fattened pigs. Meanwhile, the municipal government unit of San Jose De Buan provided 15 sacks of feed in order to help the association in sustaining the project operations.  

Paying it forward 

To sustain their piggery business the group decided to establish a micro-enterprise by offering a meat shop in their municipality to cater more potential clients from nearby barangays. Meanwhile, to continue their engagement in vegetable production, the association has started to cultivate their production area for land preparation, thereby increasing their potential income in the 3rd quarter of 2023. ### 

Writer: Jeric M. Afable, DA-SAAD Eastern Visayas Area Coordinator

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