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YPangol IP farmers earn Php137K from egg-citing enterprise

KALINGA, March 24, 2023 – Indigenous YPangol chicken raisers in Kalinga earned Php 137,720.00 net income from Free-range Chicken and Egg Production Project (FY 2021) provided by the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program.

In keeping with the program’s objectives to support grassroots communities including the indigenous people (IP) living in remote locations, the 47-member Mabigajan, Taku Gapu Umili a Naos-Ossaggan Farmers Association (MATAGUAN FA) was given a poultry livelihood grant worth Php 1,525,610.00 in June 20, 2021. The members who are mostly rice, and corn farmers received a SAAD livelihood package consisting of 88 white-layer chicken, and 336 head brown dekalb chicken, feeds, trays, net intended for fencing, and training on poultry production.  


In August 2021, the farmer group from Brgy. Lay-asan, Tanudan, Kalinga was officially registered with the Department of Labor Employment (DOLE) as the MATAGUAN FA.

After a needs assessment conducted by the SAAD staff in coordination with the local government unit (LGU) of Tanudan, the findings show that Brgy. Lay-asan has a limited supply of eggs since their location is one hour away from the town proper and public transportation is limited. Through this, the poultry project was viewed as having high potential in terms of income opportunities for farmers while increasing egg production in the area. 

To show their commitment in implementing the project, the members allocated a 150-square-meter (sqm) communal production site in Brgy. Lay-asan. The FA members also constructed poultry housing made of locally-available materials like bamboo and wood, which later served as poultry cages. 

MATAGUAN on marking its journey towards enterprise

After receiving the project in June 2021, the group started to manage their communal farm, and from October 2021 to February 2022, the project helped the members access fresh eggs for family consumption. This progress is drawn from the primary goal of the program to increase food availability on the table.

Driven to engage into marketing after one year of project operation, the group initially consulted the SAAD technician on how to enhance the egg production. In response, SAAD advised the group to strategize their farm management, limiting human exposure and reducing the possibility of avian diseases. The group also initiated to build another poultry house in March 2022.

Through proper animal care such as establishing biosecurity measures and providing comfortable space for the chickens, after three (3) months, egg production improved giving the group a chance to expand its potential market through partnerships among retail stores in Brgy. Banneg, Kalinga.

Recently identified as a fully-established community based-enterprise (CBE), the MATAGUAN FA accumulated a total of 165,920.00 gross income from selling chicken eggs within their community from July 2022 to February 2023. 

Fresh eggs were sold depending on egg size variations, ranging from Php 210.00 to Php 250.00. This year, with the emerging price hike of feeds, the group later increased their price per tray from Php 220.00 to Php 260.00.

Table 1. Egg sales of MATAGUAN FA 

As of February 2023, the group utilized Php 28,200.00 from their sales to construct poultry housing and purchase layer feeds to maintain their production leaving Php 137,720.00 net income which was deposited in the group’s bank account.

Ways forward

To date, the group plans to purchase additional poultry stocks in 2024 to sustain the project. Committed to assisting the group, representatives from the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) will continue to monitor the project and offer technical assistance for the sustainability of the community enterprise.###

Writer: Sheen Dayagon, DA-SAAD Kalinga Information Officer

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