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IP Gubang swine raisers received last wave of SAAD swine project

KALINGA, March 13, 2023 – Another farmers’ association (FA) has graduated from the assistance of the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program Phase 1 implementation after receiving the complete Swine Multiplier Project, setting up the association for a fully established community swine enterprise.

Adhering to a biosecured swine farming and making swine by-products more accessible in the community, the 116 indigenous people of the Gubang Tribe Farmers Association (GTFA) received the last wave of livestock assistance on January 26, 2023 from the Program.

The said project is a response to the memorandum on the Establishment of Multiplier Farm-based Enterprise through SAAD Farmer’s Association, released on August 23, 2020. Its main objective is to establish a community-based enterprise within the program’s covered beneficiaries to assure a sustainable source of healthy animals, as well as to help the farmers in generating  additional income. 

GTFA is among the pioneering beneficiaries of SAAD in Kalinga. They received their certificate of registration from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on August 19, 2020 with the assistance from DA. Apart from cultivating various crops, the group members are also engaged in livestock and poultry farming. 

Program’s Initiatives for Swine Recovery and Expansion  

Prior to the swine multiplier project, 10 members from the GTFA became recipients of  SAAD’s Swine Repopulation Project in 2021. This is another project specifically supporting the revitalization of the hog industry after the African Swine Fever outbreak.

The main livelihood assistance under said project were biologics and feeds given to those individuals  who raised 10 sows. This assistance required the recipients to roll-over 10 piglets to start-up the association-based swine multiplier project.

On January 26, 2023 subsequently, GTFA received the interventions under the establishment of Swine Multiplier Project. This includes swine housing, feeds and biologics, and series of training on swine production worth Php 1,100,800.00 (Table 1).

Table 1. Inputs received by Gubang Tribe Farmers Association for Swine Multiplier Project

The said swine multiplier project provided by the program is located in Brgy. Balbalan Proper with an area of 128 square meters. Based on the record of the Provincial Office for Veterinary Services, the said barangay is ideal for swine production since the place is ASF free. 

The inauguration and turn-over was led by the Community Development Officer (CDO) Ruben Ganagan and Project Development Officer Glenda Joy Wanasen. Also present in the activity were Municipal Mayor Almar Malannag, representatives from the Governor’s Office, and two representatives from Provincial and Municipal Agriculturists’ Offices. 

During the event, Dr. Leonardo Damian from the Office of the Provincial Veterinary and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) Municipal Agriculturist Arnel Malaggay, have committed to provide technical assistance through  project monitoring and additional farm inputs such as biologics if needed by the FA. 

Mayor Mallanag extended his gratitude to the SAAD Program for providing the farmers with swine multiplier project. He also commended the Provincial Veterinary Office for committing their support to the association’s journey as swine producers in their community.  

Assistant Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer (APCO) Dr. Raponcel Saguilot also urged the FA to become responsible in maintaining their housing facility and its biosecurity measures to prevent the risk of diseases like ASF. As the program’s Phase 1 comes to an end, he  added that the farm multiplier project will be monitored by the Municipal Agricultural Office (MAO). 

Ways forward

As of now, the 10 sows from the Swine Repopulation Project produced 111 head of piglets. From this, 10 piglets will be allotted to the swine multiplier project after their nursery period. While waiting for the relocation of animal stock,  the FA members are now preparing for the installation of water source intended for the maintenance of swine housing. The group members will take turn in project management in April after ensuring the installation of water source. ###

Writer: Sheen Dayagon,  DA-SAAD Kalinga Information Officer 

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