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Bontoc IP women sustain broiler production business

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, February 22, 2023 – Thirty (30) indigenous Bontok poultry raisers in Alab Oriente, Bontoc are set to enter third cycle of chicken production on their own after 2 cycles which were supported by the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program’s Phase 1.

Bontoc women and beneficiaries have earned enough to sustain their third production cycle unassisted after SAAD’s livelihood grant on Poultry Production and Marketing Project in 2021. 


Alab Oriente is a barangay in the Municipality of Bontoc composed of three (3) sitios namely: Inasu, Dantay, and Dongyowan. The Derway Farmers’ Organization (DFO) members are mostly small rice and Highland Value Crops (HVC) producers, local farm labor service providers, stay-at-home mothers, senior citizens, and livestock and poultry raisers whose income falls below the poverty line.

DFO members coming from the three (3) different sitios accepted the said project inputs worth Php 1,625,688 (FY 2022) consisting of 2,000 head of broiler chicks, poultry supplies such as feeds and vitamins, and farm tools. 

As their counterpart, they constructed three (3) communal production sites in Sitio Inasu, Sitio Dantay, and Sitio Dongyowan with a total consolidated area of 50 square meters (sqm). 

Results of project implementation

On August 12, 2021, the program initially provided the first 1,000 chicks, while the remaining 1,000 were provided on October 4, 2022. Challenges related to weather (Typhoon Neneng) affecting the immune system of the stocks were encountered by the group leading to stock mortalities. However, this was mitigated by the SAAD field implementers  administering vitamins and biologics for the immune system of the stocks. 

Inspired to make a market shift and expand their means for income acquisition, they started to create a management plan through on-site policy. 

Beneficiaries from Sitio Inasu (site 1) are tasked to ensure the safety of chicks during its brooding stage. Meanwhile, after brooding the poultry stocks are transferred to Sitio Dantay (site 2) where the group provided separate growing pens. In this site, members are responsible to manage and raise the chickens until they reach maturity for marketing. 

After its growing stage, the stocks are transported to Sitio Dongyowan (site 3) – slaughtering area where the caretakers can purchase the products at a lower price. 

The group offered both liveweight and dressed chicken within nearby barangays during the first cycle of their production. 

Liveweight chickens were sold at Php 150 per kilogram (kg), while dressed chickens at Php 180/kg. This allowed them to accumulate Php 146,340 gross income for the first cycle.

For their second cycle, they earned Php 30,951.00 from selling 206.34kg of liveweight and Php 37,044.00 from 205.8kg of dressed chickens (Table 1).

The group’s patrons come from nearby barangay, and poultry suppliers in the town proper of Bontoc. 

Table 1. Income generated from two (2) cycles

From the first cycle, the group utilized Php 124,735 from their sales to construct poultry housing and purchase other materials, in preparation for their second cycle of production. Further, from the second cycle, the group allotted Php 11,466 from their sales for the association’s operation expenses that include electric bill, travel fare, and labor cost during the construction of poultry housing. 

Gapus project mi ay inyalin di DA-SAAD, na-agtan nan young mothers mi si gab-gab-en da. Naadal mi metlang nu kasano ay men-brood, men process, ya men market si broiler” (Due to the livelihood initiative of the program, our young mothers now have some work to do. In addition, we have acquired knowledge on how to raise, prepare, and sell broiler chicken), said Venus Paleyan, association President.

In December 2022, DOF bought 500 chicks worth Php 39,000 to continue on their third cycle from their earnings during the two cycles. 

As of writing, the group has Php 67,996 cash on hand intended for their operation and maintenance expenses, and Php 4,751 savings on their bank account.

Ways Forward

The group plans to establish their own talipapa (fresh produce market) in town proper of Bontoc to cater more potential clients, hoping to generate more income apart from selling both liveweight and dressed chicken. 

“Nan naitulong nan DA-SAAD project mi ay nay et nakatulong tapno makaala kamis new skills mi ya nakaala nan association si puonan ta maruguian nan enterprises mi. Wada et di tapin di ituloy mi as association ta dumakdake ta umalaan si lagbo,” expressed Sarah Cangcang, member of the group. 

(The project assigned to our group assisted us in gaining new skills as well as capital for the association to launch this venture. With that, we have a business to continue as an association, from which we can earn additional source of income, as it grows larger.) 

Today, with the increasing production, the group gears up to completely establish a community-based enterprise. However, they noted that they are still in need of assistance and additional inputs to sustain their production. 

In response, SAAD Mountain Province will be endorsing the association to the LGU for additional partnerships among government agencies such as Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) and DA Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service Division (AMAD). Endorsement of FAs to appropriate government agencies is to help ensure the FAs’ further development and sustainability of their livelihood projects. ###

Writer: Florde Liza A. Afidchao, DA-SAAD Mountain Province Information Officer 

Source: DFO, Project Development Officer and Community Development Officer in Bontoc

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