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DA-SAAD 10 preps 180 farmers for free-range chicken production

LANAO DEL NORTE, September 12, 2022 – Through the Department of Agriculture Northern Mindanao (DA-10), 180 poultry raisers from the municipalities of Linamon, Sapad, and Magsaysay underwent poultry management training to hone skills and prepare them for the Free-range Chicken (Improved Native) Production Project provided by the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program.

Sixty (60) farmers from each of the three municipalities participated in simultaneous training sessions held at Linamon Municipal Agriculture Office, the covered court of Malasalug, Sapad, and Harden de Racma Function Hall, Magsaysay from August 16-17 and 23, 2022.

The activity was designed to give the beneficiaries the opportunity to review the fundamentals of poultry farming. This includes the method of free-range chicken raising where birds, for at least a part of the day, can roam freely outdoors, rather than the 24-hour daily confinement in cages.

Mr. Cyril L. Cane and Dr. Leny Nabos of the Provincial Veterinary Office of Lanao del Norte were the speakers of the said activity.

Mr. Cane, a provincial meat inspector, discussed the importance of raising free-range chicken and gave emphasis on its demand due to its increasing awareness of its health benefits.

“Over the years, the demand for high-quality free-range chicken meat that is free from antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, excess animal protein, pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals has consistently grown due to the increasing awareness of consumers of its health benefits,” Mr. Cane said.

He added that by tradition, the Philippine native chicken is used for production. However, its use has its “drawbacks and disadvantages as the Philippine native chicken tend to grow slowly, is not a good feed converter, and day-old to slaughter weight takes at least 18 weeks.”

Examined was the capacity of the F1 Chicken (the first generation of chicks) that can be raised like the Philippine native chicken. “These chicken are suitable for the backyard as well as the commercial type of farming,” said Mr. Cane.

In addition, both speakers discussed how the beneficiaries should set up their poultry farm at the most appropriate location, feeding requirements, and equipment needed such as chick feeder troughs, chick feeder trays, tube feeders, water gallons, and incandescent bulbs. Corn grits, fresh corn, and palay, supplemented with vegetables, fruits, and herbs as additional food are the basic feeding requirements.

The farmer-participants in Sapad and Magsaysay who are members of Malasalug Farmer’s Association and Mag-uuma sa Magsaysay Multi-Purpose Cooperative are set to receive 550 free-range chicken per group in the next quarter. While waiting, each group is preparing a brooding space of 300 square meters (sqm) communal area to meet the housing requirement for chicken (500 females, 50 male).

For Linamon, the local government unit will receive the chicken and raise them on their 500sqm demo farm. Once the poultry stocks increase, this will be dispersed to the farmer-beneficiaries.

Also present at the activity were several members of the three Municipal Agricultural offices, agricultural technicians, and SAAD area coordinators. ###   


Writer: Andrea Dawn E. Boycillo, SAAD 10 Information Officer

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