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Through incidental transformations: SAAD as a real partner for change

SAMAR, April 22, 2022 – The Department of Agriculture- Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Egg Layer and Vegetable Production project benefits a farmers’ association (FA) to recoup from the effects of African Swine Fever (ASF).

The Dagum Chicken Egg Layers Association (DACELA) of Calbayog City, Samar started mainly as hog raisers, but the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) posed a threat to their livelihood.

In looking for an alternative source of income, the association was introduced to SAAD Region 8 through the recommendation of the local government unit (LGU). SAAD program staff conducted an assessment and evaluation of the association on May 2021 which in turn qualified them to be a recipient of the FY 2021 Egg Layer and Vegetable Production project.

The FA, previously called Dagum Hog Raisers Association, eventually changed to Dagum Chicken Egg Layers Association as they received the Egg Layer and Vegetable Production project worth Php 2.192 million (Table 1) in June 2021. As recipients’ counterpart of the project, the association with 25 active members shouldered and built a 100 square meter (sqm) housing facility for the Ready-to-lay (RTL) chicken.

Table 1. Interventions received by DACELA

Though beginners in layer chicken production, with the help from the City Veterinary Office and SAAD Samar, the association received several training on June 2021 about Layer Chicken Production worth Php 71,000 to acquire technical know-how and skills required in caring for and managing the poultry stock facilitated by Mr. Roy Tabontabon, former SAAD 8 Samar Area Coordinator.

In the same month, the FA also attended seminars about financial, organization, and project management facilitated by SAAD 8 Provincial Coordinator Kristine Dorothea Danago as well as Mr. Tabontabon aimed at strengthening their association.

The FA developed strategies for managing the project. Members were divided into groups who performed the daily tasks of managing the poultry house. They also keep their financial records such as daily sales and expenses to easily determine the stand of the group in their finances.

In 9 months of operation, the egg production project alone generated a net income of Php 785,292, where Php 200,000 was deposited in the FA’s savings account for future investment.

The profit also let them purchase an additional 100 RTL chicken stocks to replenish the mortalities. The organization decided not to distribute its shares to the members yet to ensure the sustainability of the project.

Table 2. DACELA’s Production Data and Income

Ms. Zenaida Avila, DACELA Vice-President expressed her gratitude for the SAAD program, “Sa una, dire kami nakakakaon tulo ka beses sa usa ka adlaw pero yana nakakaya na namon, nakakapalit na gihap kami han amon mga panginahanglanon ngan nakabulig gud gihapon an SAAD sa akon pamilya para han pan adlaw-adlaw nga gasto. Nakakita gud kami sin pag-asa ha SAAD.”

(Before, we could barely eat three times a day; but now, we already can. We can now also afford our daily needs and expenses. We really see hope in SAAD.)

As of now, DACELA is one of the stable egg suppliers in their community and the local market of Calbayog City. With that, the FA is now planning to expand by buying another set of 300 RTL chicken stocks this year. ###


Writer: Ceiara A. Uraga, Area Coordinator – Samar PPMSO

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