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DA-SAAD 11 distributes Php 13M crop-based interventions

DAVAO DE ORO, February 23, 2022 – Fifty-nine (59) Farmers Associations (FAs) across all 11 municipalities of Davao de Oro benefitted from Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) crop-based interventions comprising banana and abaca plantlets, and lettuce seeds.

Of the 59 FAs, 38 received banana project, 20 opted for abaca project, and an association received the lettuce project worth Php 13,180,578 million.

“Kani atoang mga projects, base ni sa mga kinahanglanon jud sa area. Kung gusto sila ug saging, saging ang ihatag, kung abaca, abaca,” Naomi C. Lamata, SAAD Region 11 Focal, said.

“Our projects are based on the needs of the area. If they want banana (plantlets), then banana (plantlets) it is. Same with abaca.”

Ang SAAD special nga programa. Mao ng dako ta ug matabang sa mga farmers, lalo na jud sa lagyong dapit kay dili ta limitado sa isa lang ka type sa intervention,” she added.

“SAAD is a special program. We greatly help our farmers, especially those in geographically isolated areas because we are not limited to only one type of intervention.”

Banana Project

Thirty-nine (39) FAs received 6,000 banana plantlets of lakatan variety, alongside 24 sacks of fertilizers (12 sacks complete, 12 sacks urea), 5 digging bars, 10 lagaraw, 5 plastic crates, and 8-in-1 vegetable packets with a total cost of Php 6,138,405.00.

Two hundred twenty-two thousand (222,000) lakatan plantlets were distributed, with an expected planting area of 111 hectares (recommended 2×2.5 meters planting distance).

“Kami dako kaayo ug pasalamat sa SAAD kay kani ilahang gipanghatag, magamit jud namo sa amoang uma,” Lawaan Kingking Farmers Association chairperson Jose Borja, said.

“We are thankful to SAAD because these interventions will be used on our farms.”

Lakatan, a dessert banana cultivar, can be harvested 8-12 months after planting. In Davao de Oro, lakatan can fetch an average farmgate price of Php 20.00/kilo.

Manghinaot ko nga inyoha ning atimanon,” urged Naomi Lamata, SAAD Region 11 Focal Person to Laak beneficiaries. “Manghinaot pud ko nga sinugdanan ni sa atoang pag-ubanay, padaghanon nato, ug atoang alagaan.

“I hope that you’ll take care of this. I also hope that this is the start of a great relationship. Let’s mass produce and take good care (pertaining to the project).”

Abaca Project

Twenty (20) FAs benefitted from abaca production project amounting to Php 6,971,260. SAAD 11 allocated 5,000 plantlets for each FA, with an abaca stripping machine as a major component. Similar components to the banana production were included, except for plastic crates.

Read: /2022/01/19-dabawenyo-fas-benefit-from-saads-abaca-stripping-machines/.

(Note: Two FAs in New Bataan, Magsandig Uduan SLP Association and Pagsabangan Corn Farmers Association, shared one allotment package, dividing all components equally.)

The plantlets (Tangongon and Bolonganon varieties) were previously hardened and acclimatized, with coco coir as soil media, at least two months from pricking, and six inches in height.

Most FA beneficiaries for abaca were previously identified as ELCAC areas, with most IP-led and -composed.

“Salamat jud nga kahatag ug katabang mo sa problema sa mga mag-uuma. Importante kaayo nga naay assistance sa mga mag-uuma, lalo na parehas sa amoa nga lagyo kaayo ug dapit ,” Ernesto Macunlay, Chairperson of Panagsandug Ng Mga Mansaka Sang Manipongol, said.

“We are grateful that you’ve given and helped us regarding farmers’ strife. It’s important that there is assistance to us farmers, especially those in hinterland areas.”

With a recommended planting distance of 3×3 meters, a planting production area of 85.5 hectares is expected out of 95,000 plantlets. In a year and a half, the plantlets should have matured and be ready for stripping.

Lettuce Project

The Araibo Women Livelihood Organization (20 members) in Araibo, Pantukan, received 139 packets of head-type lettuce seeds, 20 fertilizers (10 complete, 10 urea), 165 seedling trays, 36 plastic crates, 15 plastic mulch, 20 watering can, and 20 hand trowels with a project cost of Php 70,913.00.

Women-led and operated, the association is hopeful that it will increase its small production area of 1.3 hectares. ###


Writer: James Brian R. Flaga, SAAD RPMSO 11 Information Officer
Source: DA-SAAD Davao de Oro

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