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Cotabato FAs receive livestock projects from DA-SAAD

COTABATO, February 16, 2022 – Various livestock interventions were provided to 14 farmers’ associations (FA) in Cotabato by the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Region 12 during the simultaneous distribution from February 8 to 11.

The Php 716,995.28 worth of animals were under the FY 2021 Native Goat (Php 222,900), Cattle (Php 247,175.28), and Horse (Php 249,200) Dispersal Projects.

The goats (26 does, 2 bucks), which range from 18 months to two years old, will be raised for milk and meat production.

Meanwhile, cattle (8 head) and horses (10 head) are in support of the beneficiaries’ mixed-crop production. These animals will help them in land preparation and hauling of harvests.

The FAs (357 members) who accepted the livestock projects came from the municipalities of Matalam, Makilala, President Roxas, and Arakan (Table 1).

Table 1. Livestock Interventions received by 14 Cotabato FAs

Farmer Association

Location Intervention Received

Project Cost

Green Valley FA
(25 members)
Pinamaton, Matalam 13 does 111,450.00
1 buck
5 bottles of amoxicillin
5 bottles of dextrose+cab-gluconate+mg-gluconate (DCM)
5 bottles of multivitamins
8 bottles of wound spray
5 bottles of ivermectin
5 bottles of dexameth
Kadtabanga Moro FA
(32 members)
Kidama, Matalam 13 does 111,450.00
1 buck
5 bottle of amoxicillin
5 bottles of DCM
5 bottles of multivitamins
5 bottles of ivermectin
8 bottles of wound spray
5 bottles of dexameth
Cabilao Peace and Development Volunteers FA
(25 members)
Cabilao, Makilala 1 horse 24, 692.00
Datu Sundungan Farmers Alliance Organization
(25 members)
Datu Sundungan, President Roxas 2 horses 49,384.00
Ilustre Multi-Sectoral FA
(25 members)
Ilustre, President Roxas 2 horses 49,384.00
Malabuan FA
(25 members)
Brgy. Malabuan, Makilala 1 horse 24, 692.00
New Baguio FA
(25 members)
New Baguio, Makilala 1 horse 24, 692.00
Sta. Filomena FA
(25 members)
Sta. Felomina, Makilala 1 horse 24, 692.00
Sto Niño Integrated FA
(25 members)
Sta. Niño, Makilala 1 horse 24, 692.00
Villa Flores Peace and Development Volunteers FA
(25 members)
Villa Flores, Makilala 1 horse 24, 692.00
Bahani Nod Tamong to Buwis Tanong, To Ancestral Domain to Datu Ladayon FA
(25 members)
Datu Ladayon, Arakan 2 cattle 61,793.82
Bahaning Nangandoy Sa Kalinaw Ug Kalambuan Sa Ancestral Domain FA
(25 members)
Kinawayan, Arakan 2 cattle 61,793.82
Lanao Kuran Vegetables and FA (LAKUVEFA)
(25 members)
Lanao Kuran, Arakan 2 cattle 61,793.82
Pag-Asa Agila Minarok Kikuyas Upper Lumbo FA
(25 members)
Kabalantian, Arakan 2 cattle 61,793.82
Total 716,995.28

In his message, Regional Technical Director (RTD) for Project Evaluation and Monitoring and Special Concerns, Levi G. Fortuna said that the beneficiaries should take good care of the animals they received because the SAAD Program was implemented to help the farmers improve their lives economically.

“Sa atong mga benepisyaryo, hinaut unta atung ampingan ang mga ginapanghatag sa gobyerno nga mga intervention noh, kay kini para lang man gihapon sa inyung kaugmaon. Para sa pagpa-uswag sa inyuhang panginabuhi. So, inyu ning ampingan, ug palaguin, padaghanon, aron makatabang gyud ug dako sa panginabuhi,” RTD Fortuna said.

Mr. Fausto Dionog, who is the president of Bahani Nod Tamong, also expressed his gratitude for receiving such livelihood support.

“We were glad that our association was chosen as a beneficiary of the program. With these animals, our farming endeavor will be easier,” said Dionog.

With all the livestock projects distributed, the program implementers made sure that the animals were Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis-free, Brucella-free, and Surra-free prior to their delivery.

The synchronous distribution, facilitated by SAAD Focal Person Maimona B. Amil and provincial staff, in coordination with the four local government units (LGUs) and assistance from 39th and 72nd Infantry Battalion, was attended by SAAD National staff, Jacquelyn Rebusit and Jemiema Arro.  ###


Jennifer A. Valcobero, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Communications Officer
Aisa L. Tina, SAAD Region 12 Information Officer

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