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4 FAs receive DA-SAAD’s Php 5.1M livestock support towards enterprise

APAYAO, September 30, 2021- Four farmers’ associations (FAs) from Apayao received 124 goats from the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program.

Thirty-four (34) members from the Calaoan Farmers Association; 30 members from the Baren Farmers Association; 20 members from the Midstream Livelihood Farmers Association; and 29 members from the Swan, Lydia, Dona Loreta (SLD) Farmers Association received the inputs comprising of 110 does and 14 bucks on September 25.

The intervention, under DA-SAAD’s FY 2021 Goat Production Project, costs Php 5,113,000. Each farmer received at least two does, while the bucks were distributed with Luna receiving 4 heads, Pudtol with 4, and Conner with 6.

FA members come from the municipalities of Conner, Luna, and Pudtol. The awarding of inputs was mounted by the SAAD Apayao in partnership with the local government units (LGUs).

SAAD Apayao’s Backyard Goat Production

Apayao Agricultural Center Chief Daisy Aman explained goats have been an important source of livelihood for many families in the province.

With the development of livestock in production and meat processing, Ms. Aman shared raising goats require low-cost production and yields a high-income return.

“Backyard goat production ket talaga nga sikat idtuy Apayao ta idi contribution na ket dakel nu panggep iti kinabi-biyag iti small farmers idtuy bar-bario mi. Makaited iti tulong panggep iti pagalan iti income isu metten nga iti provincial government ket mangteted iti suporta tapno agituy babassit nga farmers tayu keta da iti pagalan da iti pagbiyag da,” Ms. Aman said.

[Backyard goat production is popular in Apayao, its contribution to the status of rural livestock raisers is commonly considered vital since it only requires low maintenance. This production is pushed by the provincial government since it allows our farmer-beneficiaries to achieve income stability.]

The goats are sold in live weight and are very popular meat in the province. The remaining supplementary inputs such as concentrated feed, biologics, vitamins, dewormer, and housing materials will be delivered as soon as the quarantine in Apayao against CoViD-19 has been lifted. ###

Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, Information Officer 1, SAAD Apayao

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