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SAAD Siquijor farmer’s dragon fruit sold out at Kadiwa Market Day

SIQUIJOR, July 21, 2021- Mr. Glen Maghanoy, a Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program beneficiary, sold 27.5 kilograms (kg) of dragon fruit worth Php 2,200 at the monthly Kadiwa Market Day.

The event is regularly conducted at the Province of Siquijor Electric Cooperative (PROSIELCO) Solidarity Hall in Nonoc, Larena.

On July 6, he also harvested 72kg of dragon fruit, gaining Php 5,050 sales. Overall, Mr. Maghanoy has harvested 152kg of dragon fruit since June 2020.

He sold 115.5kg at Php 8,850 while the remaining 36.5kg were used for his family’s consumption.

   Table 1. Mr. Glen Maghanoy’s Dragon fruit sales

Glen Maghanoy’s dragon fruit farm

In December 2019, the SAAD Siquijor completely delivered Php 225,538 worth of inputs under the FY 2019 SAAD Dragon Fruit Production Project to Mr. Maghanoy. He also received a pruning shear worth Php 1,000 as support to the project in the following year.

  Table 2. Interventions received under the SAAD Dragon Fruit Production Project

Mr. Maghanoy’s 0.25-hectare dragon fruit farm in Lazi, Siquijor used to be idle land due to its rocky soil. He said he was very eager to work out the project as he was motivated with the SAAD dragon fruit farmers in his barangay. 

His dragon fruit started bearing fruits on June 29, 2020, 6 months from planting.

He shared, “Ang pag-maintain sa kalimpyo sa akong dragon fruit farm ug padayong pag amuma sa akong mga tanum- mao ang mga sekreto nako sa akong pag-uma ug naghatag kanako ug daghan nga ani.”

(Keeping my dragon fruit farm clean and consistently taking care of my plants-these are my secrets in farming which gives me a bountiful harvest.) 

SAAD helps in marketing

Mr. Maghanoy requests SAAD Siquijor’s help to market his dragon fruit. Because of the excellent quality of his produce, selling dragon fruit is not a challenge. All of the harvested dragon fruit were sold out and some customers were not even catered. 

The customers who tasted it claimed that it was clearly fresh and delicious. They already want to order again and wait for the next harvest. 

Dragon fruit’s rise to popularity can be attributed to its health benefits. Health-conscious consumers and those that enjoy the light and slightly sweet taste of the fruit are the main customers.  

Some of his fruits were directly bought at his farm or at the Kadiwa market, while some were bought by middlemen who export to neighboring provinces like Bohol, Negros Oriental, and Cebu.

Mr. Maghanoy’s next harvest schedule is in August. SAAD Siquijor, in partnership with the Office of the Provincial Agriculture, will continue assisting Mr. Maghanoy and other farmers by extending help in marketing through the Kadiwa Market and other channels. ###

Source: Agnes Guanella M. Café
Jolina Daño, Information Officer- SAAD Region 7
Natalianne Marie Delos Reyes, PR and Comms Officer, SAAD NPMO


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