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120 Bohol fishers earn Php 800k from SAAD’s oyster, seaweeds culture projects

BOHOL, July 22, 2021 – A total of 120 fishers from Calape, Buenavista, and Talibon in Bohol earned a combined income of Php 863,522 from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program’s oyster and seaweeds culture projects.

Bohol Provincial Fishery Officer (PFO) Candido Samijon monitored and assessed the projects from July 13 to 15 to prepare for the third and final year of implementation for 2021.

BFAR-SAAD recorded over Php 2.2 million worth of oyster projects that were implemented in the province. 

Twenty were established in Calape, 45 in Buenavista, and 25 in Talibon. A total of 90 beneficiaries were each granted Php 24,490 oyster culture inputs.

Meanwhile, the seaweeds culture project worth Php 232,200 was provided to 30 beneficiaries. Each fisherfolk received Php 7,740 worth of inputs.

The recipients attested that the oyster and seaweeds culture projects augmented their livelihood resources and gave an additional income for their families. 

As of July 2021, the beneficiaries earned Php 355,342 from oyster culture and Php 508,180 from seaweed culture.

Table 1. Recorded sales from SAAD Php 2019 Bohol’s Oyster and Seaweed Culture Project as of July 2021

SAAD’s positive outcome radiated on the lives of the Boholanos as their income can now support their children’s studies, pay hospital bills, and also other emergencies.

Bohol PFO Samijon said the common problem encountered among seaweeds producers was the emergence of the ice-ice disease. This was resolved with the help of Bohol PFO by transferring the unaffected seaweeds from one place to another and regularly monitoring their condition.

Some minor problems experienced by the beneficiaries are rotten bamboo poles which they easily managed and repaired.

Calape recipients also shared reports of theft. A meeting was conducted to unify their efforts in safeguarding the oyster farms.

To note, the SAAD program seeks to alleviate the poverty status among the marginalized fishing communities by providing them fishery livelihood interventions and transforming them into independent and self-reliant stakeholders. ###

Candido Samijon, Bohol PFO Officer-In-Charge
Ana Liza Anib – Casquejo, Bohol PFO Information Officer

Writer: May Miasco – Cabucos, Information Officer, BFAR Region 7- SAAD

Copy-editor: Natalianne Marie O. Delos Reyes, PR and Communications Officer, SAAD NPMO

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