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IP farmers in Pinukpuk, Kalinga educated on carabao management

KALINGA, August 24, 2021 – The Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in Kalinga, in partnership with the municipal local government unit (LGU) of Pinukpuk, conducted a carabao rearing training for the Indigenous People (IP) farmers of Pinukpuk on August 13.

The activity aims to capacitate participants with proper techniques on production and herd management for SAAD’s FY 2021 Carabao Production Project worth Php 460,000.

Thirty out of the 240 IP farmers, who are members of Ba-ay Farmers SAAD Organization (BFSO), YLimos SAAD Farmers Organization (YSFO), and Bonnong Timpuyog Organization (BTO), each received four carabaos on August 6.

Carabaos are important because they are often used as draft animals and have the potential for meat production. They can also be a source of meat for community events.

Pinukpuk Municipal Agriculturist (MA) Dr. Eunice Belloza discussed farm and herd management, breeding, and proper health care of the animals.

The ideas and experiences of farmers on the traditional animal husbandry and the implications of their culture and beliefs affecting farm management were talked about, which was linked to a science-based management scheme.

The forum also allowed participants to air concerns on carabao production.

“Gapu iti daytuy nga training, naikkan kami ti idea nu kasanu nga mapasayaat ti panagtaraken ti nuwang ken panag-implementar daytuy nga proyekto para iti pagsayaatan ti grupo mi,” shared Mr. Luis Ambona of YSFO on the significance of the undertaking.

[Through this training, we were given ideas on how to improve our carabao production and on the implementation of projects for the betterment of our group.]

Dr. Belloza advised participants to seek technical assistance in case problems on production arise.

Mowanah Marie Jovellanos, Community Development Officer assigned in the municipality, also discussed the insurance processing for animals and farmers through the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC).

About the associations

BFSO, YSFO, and BTO belong to one subtribe of the Kalinga, the YLimos which is part of the SAAD expansion-barangays for FY 2021.

Aside from the carabao production project, they also received SAAD’s Fruit Trees and Poultry Production Project.

The groups will receive rambutan and lanzones seedlings with fertilizers; Muscovy duck with rice bran, corn grits, and feeds; drum; knapsack sprayer; poultry net; pruning shear; and brush cutter.

They will also continuously receive training and workshops for production needs and marketing.

The SAAD Program will also facilitate them in establishing a community enterprise to help beneficiaries increase their income. ###


Writer: Sheena Phine B. Pisco-Dayagon, Information Officer I- Kalinga


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