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DA-SAAD launches school for swine production in Balbalan, Kalinga

KALINGA, August 25, 2021 – The Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program launched a Farmer Livestock School in Balbalan, Kalinga for 90 swine raisers in support of the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) repopulation program.

The school is a four-session training conducted by livestock experts Dr. Leonardo Damian (Kalinga Veterinarian IV) and Dr. Florencio Wanason (Kalinga, Livestock Inspector II). It focuses on increasing swine offspring through management and nutrition.

As a policy, 10 farmers from each of the 9 SAAD farmers’ cooperatives and associations (FCA) were initially selected as first-in-line beneficiaries due to the limited funds from budget realignment to prioritize swine production in Balbalan, Pasil, and Tanudan.

During the training, only 50 representatives from the FCAs were accommodated to comply with current health protocols. A re-echoing of lessons will be conducted to the remaining beneficiaries.

The farmers also received around Php 3 million worth of hog supplies comprising feeds, boosters, vitamins, biologics, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the program.

The supplies for each beneficiary include 6 bags each of gestating feeds, 6 bags of lactating feeds, four bags of booster feeds, five bags of pre-starter feeds, and biologics such as iron supplement, multivitamins, and dewormer.

The PPE includes a scrub suit and boots as tools to execute biosecurity measures.

Localized swine repopulation program in Kalinga

Swine production under the SAAD’s Support Swine Repopulation Program will follow a roll-over scheme and undergo close and consistent monitoring to ensure the safety and sustainability of the interventions.

Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) pioneer-beneficiaries of the program will receive support through feed subsidy and teaching sessions with swine experts to guide beneficiaries on effective and safe maintenance of the project.

The roll-over scheme obligates the first-in-line beneficiaries to turn over two piglets to the next-in-line members of their respective groups. Each piglet will be provided with a bag of starter feeds, which are also funded by the SAAD Program.

SAAD CAR Operations Officer Balag-ey Claver, in his message, shared how the three municipalities became the recipients of the SAAD swine repopulation. He said, “Daytuy nga consepto iti panagpaadu ti babuy ket first time nga aramiden tayu ket agyamanak ta dituy ili ti Balbalan ti umana nga mangaramid ken dakayu nga nga SAAD areas (Pasil and Tanudan). Gapu ta dakayu ti umuna nga SAAD areas, dakayu met ti naaddaan ti babuy nga intervention ket makitami nga adda pagprogresuwan ti babuy isu nga kuna mi i-repop tayu man dayta.”

[This concept of swine repopulation is a first for us and I am thankful that it is here in Balbalan where this is to be implemented together with the other first SAAD areas (Pasil and Tanudan). Since you were the first SAAD areas, you were also the pioneer recipients of swine intervention and we see the progress in your production, hence, we thought of repopulating them.]

Pasil, Tanudan, and Balbalan were the first SAAD areas in Kalinga that received swine production inputs in 2019 before the African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak.

The remaining ASF-free areas, while implementing a roll-over scheme, recorded a sufficient number of sows for repopulation.

SAAD Agriculturist Marjorie Casilla said it is a high indicator for the areas’ eligibility for the program.

Participating FCAs include Pugong SAAD Organization, Omawilan Organization, Cagaluan Agriculturist Association, and Guina-ang Pasil Farmers Association of Pasil; Gubang Tribe Farmers Association, Maling Agricultural and Fisheries Organization, SAAD Dao-angan Farmers Association, and YMabaca Farmers Association of Balbalan; and Mabaca Bumaruan Farmers Association of Tanudan.

All are SAAD-established FCAs that started in 2019, except the Guina-ang Pasil Farmers Association and YMabaca Farmers Association.

The Farmer Livestock School (FLS) 

The FLS training seeks to aid farmers in managing their swine projects to be more productive and bio-secured.

Local agriculture arms of the municipalities are at the forefront of monitoring and information campaign initiatives.

Dr. Leonardo Damian shared that the DA seeks to provide all assistance needed to capacitate local swine raisers and improve pork supply in the country. The localized efforts should address awareness of the beneficiaries and encourage public-private efforts in revitalizing the industry.

Dr. Damian is also part of the monitoring team to ensure the success and sustainability of the project.

The event was facilitated by the SAAD team led by Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer (APCO) Kalinga Bentres P. Goyo in coordination with partner LGUs.

Kalinga LGU was represented Balbalan House Representative Allen Mangaoang, Tanudan Executive Secretary Alex Ladwingon, Balbalan Agricultural Technician Arnold Realce, Tanudan SAAD Focal Person Salvador Balicao, and Balbalan Proper Brgy. Captain Laureano Lingbawan. ###


Writer: Sheena Phine B. Pisco-Dayagon, Information Officer – Kalinga


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