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Ypangol subtribe in Kalinga granted with Php 1M goat production project

KALINGA, March 26, 2021 – Three Ypangol subtribe farmers’ associations in Tanudan received 263 native goats (239 does, 24 bucks) worth Php 1,052,000 from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD). Each member of the Bawak Darulog Allubaggan Pagugo (112) got a doe and 12 bucks, while the Pangol Farmers Improvement Organization (64) and Mabaca Bumaruan Farmers Association (63) –  received a doe and 6 bucks.

Aside from the goats, the program also delivered poultry and fruit trees to provide an additional source of income to the farmers.

Bentres P. Goyo, the Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer (APCO) in Kalinga, challenged the beneficiaries to make goat production a successful enterprise just like the free-range chicken production.

Alex Ladwingan, the representative for Tanudan Mayor Jaedicke Dagadag, shared how grateful they are to the program.

“Manmanu ti makaawat kadayta ket igrab yu daytoy nga oportunidad nga pasayaaten ti panagbyag yu. Nu mapaadu yu dayta ket haan tayun tun dumandanun iti sabali nga probinsya nga gumatang ti kalding,” [Only a few got to receive those so grab this opportunity to improve your living. If you were able to come up with a good production, we would not need to buy goats from other provinces,] Ladwingan added.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Office for Veterinary Services led by Dr. Leonardo Damian inspected and treated the goat with antibiotics and vitamins. He also oriented the beneficiaries on how to manage and lower the stress of the animals.

Dr. Damian shared that the goats should not be fed overnight; instead, they should be given one liter (L) of oresol-composed water, two tablespoons (tsbp.) of sugar, and a few pinches of salt.

If in any case that the goat caught a cough, it should be given a 5-7 milliliter herbal drink made of oregano leaves using a syringe. On the next day, they can be fed with grass between 9-10am. ###


Writer: Sheena Phine P. Dayagon, SAAD Kalinga Information Officer I

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