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Php 2.6M worth of 137 sheep awarded to 60 Apayao farmers

APAYAO, October 9, 2020 – One hundred thirty-seven (137) sheep composed of 125 ewes and 12 rams were distributed to five farmer’s associations in the municipality of Pudtol. The Sheep Production project is valued at Php 2,601,650.00.  

The associations are Mataguisi, Upper Maton, Lower Maton, Aga (MULA DUR-AS, 16 members); Swan, Lydia, Dona Loreta (SLD, 5 members); Poblacion, Imelda, Alem, San Luis (PIAS, 4 members); Cabatacan, Amado, San Mariano, San Jose (CASS, 18 members); and Emilia, Capannikian, San Antonio (ECASAN, 17 members). Each beneficiary received at least 2 ewes.

Meanwhile, the 12 rams will be managed by the 12 members of the organizations which were chosen by the program implementers. According to Ruby Ann Vicera, SAAD Area Coordinator, the caretakers are selected due to the presence of a pasture area of at least 100 square meters suitable enough for three sheep.

Mayor Hector Reuel Pascua shared an inspirational message to the beneficiaries. “Nu mapaado tay etuy nga animal stocks, napintas ta adda iti alternative nga livelihood tayo aglalo ita nga pandemic. Hopefully han lang nga mam-maminsan lang iti paka danunan na nu di kidi masapul met nga paad wen tayu tapno ada pay sumarunu nga generation tapno tuluy-tuluy latta etuy kunatayu nga sustainability,” he said.

(If we can multiply the animal stocks, this could be a good alternative livelihood especially during this pandemic. Hopefully, this intervention will not serve a single purpose of just receiving it but we should aim to multiply the animal stocks in order to share the opportunity to the next generation for the sustainability of the project.)

The Philippine Crop Insurance Company (PCIC) Account Management Officer, Claire Gonzales pointed out the benefits of applying for livestock mortality insurance. She said that in sudden death cases caused by accidents or diseases, the covered risks are: a) diseases like liver fluke, verminous, bronchitis, all other parasitic diseases, leptospirosis, pneumonia, colibacillosis, streptococcus, tetanus, aflatoxicosis, cancerous diseases, foot rot, rabies, poisoning, heatstroke, and heart attack; b) accidental drowning, strangulation, snakebites and other events of accidental nature; c) fire and/or lightning; d) dog bites; and e) accidents arising from the transport of animals to and from the farm and place of treatment.

These mentioned occurrences should be reported to the PCIC personnel, authorized local government unit (LGU) veterinarian, or the Livestock Inspector/Technician of SAAD within 24 hours for formal inspection. 

Mrs. Gonzales added that the beneficiaries should keep the ear-tag of the animals for proper tracking and recording of the PCIC.

Napalalo nga thank you iti SAAD, maysa nak iti naigasatan nga nakaawat iti napintas a pagbiyag, iti rigat iti biyag ita aglalo kin tuy pandemic, limag-an bassit iti riknak ta adan ton iti pangnam-namaan ah pangalan agserbi,” shared Apolinario Ilayat, member of CASS Farmer’s Association.

(A big thanks to SAAD, I am one of the lucky recipients who received livelihood assistance especially that living during this pandemic is hard for us. I felt lighter because I have something to look forward to which will help me and my family.)

For small farmers like Mr. Ilayat, raising small ruminants like sheep is good for him because they only require low investment. Sheep are self-sufficient as they prefer brush, grasses, and weeds that grow in poor soil. Aside from food security, it is also considered profitable as it produces meat (e.g. processing), dairy, wool, and employment (Raising Sheep on a Small Farm, 2020).

Aside from the livelihood assistance, the SAAD program will be conducting continuous monitoring of the projects in cooperation with the Municipal Agricultural Office. ###


Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, Information Officer I, SAAD Apayao


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