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Native chickens granted to Subanen tribe

Each member of the Tampilisan Subanen Cultural Minority Association (TSCMA) awaits their turn to claim their share from the Native Chicken Production project of DA-SAAD.

ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE, July 30, 2020 – Some 442 native chickens worth Php 385,700.00 were distributed to the members of Tampilisan Subanen Cultural Minority Association (TSCMA) as part of the FY 2019 Native Chicken Project of the Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program.

The turnover ceremony and briefing on project handling and management was conducted at the Tampilisan Municipal Agriculture Office to the Subanen tribe with 200 beneficiaries. During the turnover, Ronillo Dusaban, SAAD Provincial Coordinator, reminded the beneficiaries of the hard work needed to sustain the project. He mentioned that success does not stop the moment the project was granted.

Forty-four beneficiaries got a rooster and 9 hens each. “All the chickens are in good health condition. These are properly vaccinated and immunized by accredited veterinarians. They are now ready to be taken cared of,” said Nadzmar Abdulatip, the SAAD local area coordinator.

“We encourage you to also plant vegetables like malunggay in your backyards so that when the project will progress, you can prepare chicken meat and add vegetables to it. Apart from having this as means of livelihood, we want that this project will also combat malnutrition in your community.” Dusaban said.

In response, one member expressed her utmost gratitude to DA-SAAD for the livelihood opportunity they received.

“We thank you for a project like this, intended for Indigenous Peoples like us Subanens. This can give us extra livelihood and if this will be managed properly, hopefully it will become our main source of income,” said Merlyn Beltran, a beneficiary from Barangay Farmington.

The successful delivery of the project is also credited to the support of the local government unit’s Municipal Agriculturist Ms. Rosabella Calupez; SAAD livestock technician, Dr. Jailyn Gamutan; and SAAD inspector Madomer Lester Alboria.

The Tampilisan Subanen Cultural Minority Association members proudly pose with their native chicken together with SAAD Provincial Coordinator Ronillo Dusaban (standing 2nd from right), local area coordinator Nadzmar Abdulatip (seated: 1st from the right), SAAD livestock technician Dr. Jailyn Gamutan (standing 5th from left), SAAD inspector Madomer Lester Alboria (seated 1st from left), and Tampilisan Municipal Agriculturist Rosabella Calupez (standing 4th from left).

About the association

The TSCMA association is composed of 200 members from the 20 barangays in Tampilisan. It is divided into four clusters – North, South, East, and West, each consisting of five barangays. Every cluster manages a different project but the income shall be accumulated in one system wherein all members shall benefit from an equal share of profits.

Mr. Roldan Banua, East Cluster Head, said that the Native Chicken project was for the East and South Clusters in the hopes of producing more chickens which will be distributed to other members of the association to provide additional income.# ##

Writer: Aimee Lou Madjus, Information Officer, SAAD Region 9

Copy editor: Natalianne Marie O. Delos Reyes, Public Relations and Communications Officer-SAAD NPMO

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