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Farmers’ group earns Php 1.3M from rice combine harvester

APAYAO – The Midstream Livelihood Farmers Association with 70 members in Luna, which was provided by the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program with a rice combine harvester in 2018, earned a total of Php 1,355,050.00 from five rice cropping seasons. The said agricultural machinery was funded under FY 2016 DA funds worth Php 2,400,000.00.

The association president, Mr. Benedick Gorospe, expressed his gratitude to the program and shared that the intervention improved their economic status as it provided them additional income.

Naragsakak ta nu idi maibagak nga isarak ko nga talaga iti bagik mi nga mapan agsapol pagubraan, tattan dakamin iti saraken iti pagubraan. Ta manipud idi naited etuy nga machine, nanayunan pagala’k iti mangsupapak iti agserbi pamilyak, kasta met nukwa kadagiti kakadwak. Service provider kami metten a association gapo kadetuy naited nga gatad. Nu idi maymyasa pangalak iti mang supapak agserbi pamilyak, itan saanen. Ta idi nu mapan kami makitalon, Php 300.00 per day mi, pasaray man-mano lang nukwa monthly’k, ngem ita a operator nakon …mapan nga Php 18,000.00 iti ma-income ko nu pasaray dakel iti ma-contrata mi a association,” said Mr. Gorospe.

(I’m happy because I used to look for a job before, but now, people ask for my service. From the moment that we received this machinery, there is an additional income for me and my colleagues that suffice our families’ needs. We are now a “service provider” because of the livelihood given to us. Compared before, I had only one source of income to support my family and that is through farming activities and I usually get Php 300.00 on a daily basis… but now, as an operator I get Php 18,000.00 if we have bulk contracts.)

Mr. Reymund Fabellaran Pinera, a member of the association, also shared that his additional income from operating the machinery helped his family a lot.

Mannalon nak manipud pay idi, isu lang idi pagal-alak income ko idi ngem gapo iti gundaway iti programa SAAD, nanayunan pagalak iti income ko. Isu meten nga tay sweldok a mannalon mapan nga savings mi kin baket ko, satay income ko akas operator iti machinery isu meten iti gasusten mi a pamilya pang inaldaw. Gapu ta duwa meten nidi pagal-alak iti income, nakasave nak met iti bassit tapno mataramiaan balay mi ta idi kanayun kam nga mabagyo,” Mr. Penera said.

(I’ve been a farmer all my life and I had only one source of income. With the assistance of the SAAD program, it turns out that my income went higher. As a matter of fact, my wife and I were able to manage our savings. My income from farming was allotted to our family savings while my salary as an operator of the machinery suffices our daily needs. Since I am now getting two sources of income, I was able to allocate a budget to fix my house, which is always damaged by strong winds and typhoons.)

“Idi sakbay kami makaawat ti kastuy a gatad, talaga nga isar –sarak mi bagi mi mapan maki-sikka. Ta talaga nga dakami ket biyag mannalon. Ngem idi nakaawat kamin iti pagsyaatan, dakel nagbaliwan iti kasasaad mi,” [Before we received this kind of blessing, we were indulging ourselves in farming activities such as uprooting in the rice fields. We mainly rely on farming to survive. But when we received the intervention, there was a huge improvement in terms of the quality of our living], Mr. Gorospe shared.

As an initiative, the group constructed a garage shed on July 8, 2018 worth Php 21,405.00 to protect the rice combine harvester from any future damages.

In addition, the association also purchased a corn kit worth Php 116,500.00 to enhance their corn farming productivity and gain more income.

About Midstream Farmer’s Association

 As of June 2020, the Midstream Livelihood Farmers Association in Luna, Apayao is composed of 191 beneficiaries with a total cultivated rice area of 35 hectares. This association is clustered into 14 barangays; these are Barangay Quirino, San Francisco, San Isidro Sur, San Jose, San Sebastian, Sta. Lina, Tumog, Capagaypayan, Lappa, Luyon, Poblacion, San Isidro Norte, Turod, and Zumigui.

 From 2017 until 2019, this association was provided with projects like rice production, corn production, vegetable production, fruit trees production, poultry production, draft animals, and machineries amounting to Php 963,600.00

Production income from rice and corn harvesting

 In 2018, the association earned a total of Php 489,655.00 from two cropping seasons of rice harvesting; Php 218,191.00 during the dry season and Php 271,464.00 during the wet season (Table 1).

In 2019, the group’s total earning from two cropping seasons was Php 425,759.00; Php 144, 277.00 during the dry season and Php 281,482.00 during the wet season (Table 1).

In March 2020, the group earned a total of Php 227,230.00 from corn production and Php 212,406.00 from rice farming (Table 1).

Table 1. Income generated from the harvester.

Production income Dry Season (Php) Wet Season (Php) Total
Rice harvesting
2018 218, 191.00 271,464.00 489,655.00
2019 144, 277.00 281,482.00 425,759.00
2020 212,406.00 212,406.00
Subtotal 1,127,820.00
Corn Harvesting
2020 227,230.00 227,230.00
Subtotal 227,230.00
Total Gross Income 1,355,050.00

From 2018 to 2020, the association had a gross income of Php 1,355,050.00.

Mr. Pinera shared that their success would not be possible if they did not embrace the opportunity given to them.

“Agituy gatad a naited, haan nga dumakel lagapa. Masapol nga ipan mo kabaelam, tarimnem tay naited nga gundaway, han na kayat saw-en nga nu naikkan ka, agnanayun payen nga ipabaklay mo nu kasano nga agbalin nu di kitdi ipan mo amin nga kabaelam,” [This intervention that was provided to us did not prosper on its own. You should invest perseverance and value in it. You should not rely on what the machinery can give you but you should also give your best for it to prosper.]

As of July 23, 2020, the group has a total savings of Php 33,600.00.

Association Policies

It was agreed with each member that 35% of the profit will be set apart for the maintenance of the machinery, 35% will be deposited to the association’s savings account, and the remaining 30% for labor costs.

However, the policy was not met. According to Mr. Gorospe, they will strengthen their policies from now on to sustain the project and make a huge impact in the community.

 Mr. Gorospe also shared that they are planning to purchase a hauling truck for logistic needs. ###


Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, Information Officer I, Apayao
Copy Editor: Jennifer A. Valcobero, SAAD NPMO PR and Communications Officer

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