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Think Well, Feel Well, and Do Well SAAD

BAYBAY, LEYTE – Fifty-six (56) participants from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program in Region 8 participated in a Teamwork and Values Formation Workshop held from November 11 to 14, 2019 at the Visayas State University.

The participants, who are Area Coordinators, Provincial Coordinators, and Admin Officers, were asked to reflect on their personal and departmental gaps in three main areas – Think Well, Feel Well, and Do Well.

“Think Well” has an activity called Paint a Picture as well as interactive lectures and exercises. Paint a Picture aims to identify each team’s strengths. They visualized that their group has been featured in TIME’s “Team of the Year.” Each group came up with a creative photo and a headline statement to showcase their stories.

“Feel Well” consists of discussions and an examination to determine the temperament of each participant.

“Do Well” comprised of an individual activity called the Ribbon of Life, which aims to give participants a sense of how much time is spent — whether effectively or not — with every activity that they have or did.

After the lectures and exercises, the participants were once again formed into groups and performed the Unity Walk, a group activity that aims to be perfectly in sync while moving forward. In this group activity, the essence of grit and the value of perseverance were explained.

To remember all the learnings and reinforce the individual’s commitment to be an effective part of the program, each participant crafted their positivity-based action plans and resolutions for the program to flourish.

After crafting their resolutions, they share a toast for each member of Region 8.

The activity was conducted by the National Program Management Office in partnership with the Institute for Integrality, Inc. ###


Writer: Jhomai Canlas, SAAD Public Relations and Communications Officer

Co-Writer and Source: Katherine Angeles, SAAD Planning and Monitoring Officer

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