SAAD-assisted MESS Farmers Association gains and saves for the future

APAYAO, PHILIPPINES—While walking through the loamy soils of Emiliana farms in Sta. Marcela, Apayao to meet the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) beneficiaries of rice and vegetables at Malekkeg, we sat down and met with the Association Treasurer of MESS Farmers Association (FA), Mr. Frederick Andres, as he happily told us about the awarded rice combine harvester to them by showing us the machine.

He shared that they can’t accommodate all reservations due to many schedules. Later, he handed me his notebook which, though little, showed a large amount of income that they had since harvesting started this month.

I was surprised that this small notebook reflected a hundred and eighty-nine thousand (189k) income in just a week. “Ma’am, if we gain more, we will invite you to a picnic,” the president, Mr. Froilan Andres, added in jest.

Sure, sa amin na ‘yung entrance…” I quipped back.

Along with DA-SAAD Apayao Area Coordinator (AC) Ms, Marjorie Africano Tangliben, and Administrative Assistant III (AAIII) Ms. Meliza Feliciano, we became witnesses today of the result of these farmers’ hard works.

Writer: Le Anne A. Aguirre, Information Technologist, SAAD-Apayao
Copy Editor: Ela Arciaga, PR & Communications Officer, SAAD NPMO