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DA-SAAD Program Director Lerey A Panes

ASec Panes graces SAAD’s 1st Strategic Planning Workshop in Mindanao

DA-SAAD Program Director


SOUTH COTABATO ­­­-  Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program Director Lerey Panes graces the first Strategic Planning Workshop which took place in Mindanao last April 10-11, 2017 at The Farm @ Carpenter’s Hill, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

The said workshop was instigated to finalize the Program’s Mission and Vision, generate breakthrough goals from the participants as well as to clarify concerns on the implementation of the SAAD program.

The two-day event kicked off with an opening remark from Mila Casis, Regional Executive Director of Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office (DA-RFO) XII.

According to Casis, the SAAD is already in its progressive phase, a reason why everyone must keep on striving towards the common goal that is to provide necessary agricultural assistance to the needy. Casis also thanked everyone for their hard work and extended efforts in helping the secretary fulfill his objective to reduce poverty across the country through Agriculture.

Assistant Secretary Panes, on the other hand, shared his warm message of appreciation to all the SAAD personnel present (on the second day), encouraging each one to work practically and proactively especially in implementing the program in their respective areas. He also addressed several matters concerning the overall operation of the SAAD program including the actual process of delivering the interventions.

As per Panes, everyone may contribute as to what they think is the best practice suitable to the needs of their target beneficiaries. Such good practices may then be suggested to other provinces as well.

Four regions from the south joined the activity facilitated by Mr. Rommel Serrano, SAAD’s program consultant along with the National Program Management Office (NPMO) Staff. Each of the participating regions (IX, X, XI, and XII) were tasked to provide their own breakthrough goals which will cater to the overall enterprise goal set by the NPMO that is to provide at least ten (10) actual livelihood projects implemented to contribute to poverty reduction per province for 2017-2022.

A breakthrough goal is a target activity of a specific group/cluster that is outside of their whirlwind or usual tasks. This is done in order to increase productivity and make work beyond better in a strategic manner of accomplishing tasks.

The four regions were subdivided into sub-groups according to their positions (Information and Technology, Budget and Planning, Provincial Coordinators, and Area Coordinators) to create their breakthrough goals and later on share it with their respective regions.

The participating regions are expected to fulfill their set commitments by the end of 2022. ###

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