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Maeling Poultry Farmers Association thrives with a 1.1 million pesos gross income from July to December egg harvest

In a noteworthy testament to the impact of targeted agricultural support, the Maeling Poultry Farmers Association in Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija, operating under the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) has achieved a significant gross income of 1.1 million pesos from its July to December 2023 egg harvest. 

After seven months of engaging in poultry farming, the venture is proving to be highly lucrative. The association has already amassed a total revenue of 1.1 million pesos. This success not only underscores the dedication and hard work of the poultry farmers, but also highlights the crucial role that SAAD plays in fostering sustainable livelihoods within the agricultural sector.

In May 2023, the SAAD program facilitated the distribution of 2,000 chickens to the Maeling Poultry Farmers Association allocated among the 20 members of the association, corresponding to 100 chickens per member. This initiative resulted in the remarkable financial success achieved within a relatively short time frame.

Delmar Vicente, member of Maeling Poultry Farmers Association said that the SAAD program was a big help to their daily expenses. 

Pa-sideline sideline lang po ako dati sa construction, pero dahil po may ibinigay ang SAAD na manok ay nakatutulong po ito sa pang araw-araw na gastusin. [I only have a part-time job as a construction worker but because of the chicken from the SAAD program, it significantly contributes to covering our daily expenses],” said Vicente.

Marlyn del Rosario, the wife of Elmar del Rosario, who serves as the Chairman of the Association, emphasized the significant impact of poultry farming on their lives. She highlighted that not only does it contribute to covering daily expenses, but it also provides them with a daily source of food. In fact, the success in poultry farming has enabled Del Rosario to acquire a new motorcycle, showcasing the tangible benefits derived from their engagement in this agricultural venture.

Nabigyan po kami ng tulong ng SAAD, dati po single lang ang motor namin, ngayon may sidecar na po. Nakabili rin po kami ng robin, (makinarya pampatubig) nang dahil sa itlog po, at ngayon po nakapaglabas ulit kami ng bagong motor ng dahil sa SAAD po [Thanks to the support from SAAD, our resources have expanded. From owning just a single motorcycle, we’ve now added a sidecar. Additionally, the income from egg production enabled us to invest in a robin (water pump). The positive impact of SAAD has not only helped us upgrade our equipment but has also allowed us to acquire a new motorcycle.],” del Rosario shared. 

Alongside the provision of ready-to-lay chickens, the association was further equipped with 40 cages, ensuring each member received two cages for their poultry. Moreover, the association received 388 sacks of Ready-to-Lay (RTL) chicken feeds, distributed among its members.

Furthermore, the association actively participated in poultry layer production training designed to educate members on the optimal care and management practices for poultry, enhancing their skills and understanding of efficient poultry farming. ###


Writer: Gennadiy C. Duque, DA-SAAD Central Luzon Information Officer II

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