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ZaNorte FA earns Php 343K within four months from egg venture

ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE, October 6, 2023 – Twenty-nine (29) poultry raisers in La Libertad, Zamboanga del Norte recorded Php 343,318 gross income within four months from selling 70,189 pieces of fresh eggs after receiving the Layer Chicken Egg Production Project from the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program.

Under SAAD Phase 2, the 7M La Victoria Farmers’ Association (7MLVFA) received Php 1,439,000 worth of inputs for poultry production such as 20 modules or 960 head of ready-to-lay chickens, 75 sacks of feeds, 500 paper trays, two (2) units of weighing scale, and two (2) units of wheel barrow on May 18, 2023 as part of the program’s efforts in improving food security and economic growth in rural communities. Before the official distribution,  FA members underwent technical training on layer chicken raising and financial management to ensure the project’s sustainability.  

The provision of the poultry project was anchored on the Beneficiary Needs Assessment (BNA) conducted by the program. BNA results floated the demand for fresh and affordable eggs in the community since they belong to Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA).  

Prior to project turnover, 7MLVFA built its chicken coop as a counterpart for the project. They utilized coconut and bamboo trunks to construct the foundation of the poultry housing situated distant enough from the residential area. Members contributed a little amount for the remaining expenses to procure materials for the building, while the Local Government Unit (LGU) of La Libertad donated materials for the roofing. 

From May 18 to August 31, the 7MLVFA sold 2,339 trays of eggs or 70,189 pieces in different sizes ranging from pewee to jumbo at Php 100-235 per tray. The group recorded Php 343,318 gross income, saved Php 111,000 cash-in-bank, and had Php 14,549 cash-on-hand.

7MLVFA Treasurer Nixon Lusdoc shared some of their practices that maintained the good operation of the project. Each member agreed to divide themselves into seven groups assigned to tend the farm daily. Different groups feed the chickens, harvest, sort sizes, and sell the eggs in the community, as well as maintain the cleanliness of the farm.

Gabaligya sad mi og sako sa feeds sa Php 15 kada usa, dayun ang iti sa manok ibulad pud namo nya ibaligya Php 150 kada sako, ang among halin ana i-snack snack namo kada meeting binulan,” Nixon stated. 

(We also sell sacks from feeds at Php 15 per piece, we also dry up the chicken dung and sell it at Php 150 per sack. Our income from these is spent on snacks during our monthly meeting.)

To generate additional income, the FA sold their empty sacks to buyers who needed them for storage of dry commodities including grains, corn, among others.

7MLVFA did not have a hard time marketing eggs in the community, assuring their clients quality of their produce since they always trade the eggs no later than two weeks from harvest.

The poultry raisers of 7MLVFA aspire to become the major supplier of fresh eggs in La Libertad, hence the group vowed to maintain good relationship with their members and practice transparency in the operation of their poultry venture. ###

Writer: Aimee Lou D. Madjus, DA-SAAD 9 Regional Information Officer

Source: Jailyn E. Gamutan, La Libertad Area Coordinator

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