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350 farmers underwent profiling in Tingloy, Batangas

CALABARZON, September 3, 2023 –  The Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program Phase 2 in CALABARZON has taken a proactive approach to empower local farmers in Tingloy, Batangas, by enlisting 350 farmers into the program’s registry system, with the aim to form Farmers Associations (FAs) lined up to receive packages of agricultural livelihood assistance. 

Tingloy, despite its increasing popularity as a tourist destination, remains a 5th income-class municipality, with locals heavily dependent on agricultural livelihood. However, farmers have long faced difficulty in establishing profitable businesses due to lack of market avenue and advanced technological knowledge on farming practices. 

SAAD profiling in Tingloy

In a commendable partnership with the provincial, municipal, and barangay government units, the SAAD Program initiated a comprehensive profiling activity. The primary goal of this activity was to gather information for the purpose of creating a baseline data, forming the foundation for project planning and the development of effective solutions tailored to the needs of Tingloy’s agricultural sector. The data stored in the database system will be utilized as a basis for crafting development initiatives and advancing efficient projects.

Through the barangay units, target beneficiaries and locals from 10 barangays namely Corona, Gamao, Makawayan, Papaya, Pisa, San Isidro, San Juan, San Pedro, Sto. Tomas, and Talahib were oriented by the SAAD Provincial Program Management Support Office (PPMSO) Batangas on profiling activities.

Following said registration, farmers will undergo social preparation, fostering the readiness of groups for agricultural production and activities until the establishment of community-based enterprises (CBE). The community organizing initiatives in Tingloy will be headed by SAAD Regional Program Management Support Office (RPMSO).

SAAD CALABARZON aims to cover 10 FAs in the municipality of Tingloy for community organizing training which includes informing farmers on the responsibilities, duties, and benefits of forming a registered farmers association (FA). This will be followed by training on bookkeeping and parliamentary guidelines,  providing them with essential skills for efficient and organized agricultural practices as well as necessary tools and knowledge to thrive as an organization.  

Through this, SAAD CALABARZON will start conducting Food Production and Livelihood Component activities in the following year of 2024. ###

Writers: Pamela Faith M. Garcia, DA-SAAD CALABARZON Information Officer, Jayvee Amir P. Ergino, DA-SAAD CALABARZON Information Officer

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