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DA-SAAD Caraga completes turn over of 13 Phase 1 FAs, projects to partner LGUs

CARAGA REGION, July 12, 2023 – The Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program completed endorsement of  13 assisted farmer-groups to its four (4) partner Local Government Units (LGUs) on June 21 and 23, 2023, marking the end of its Phase 1 implementation in Agusan del Sur and Surigao del Sur. 

The 13 Farmers Associations (FAs) from San Luis, Talacogon, in Agusan del Sur; and Carmen, and Bayabas, Surigao del Sur, were awarded projects worth Php 65,559,291.81 ranging from crops production (abaca, cacao, corn, ube, and upland vegetable); and livestock and poultry projects (native chicken, layer chicken, and goat) funded by the Program in FY 2019 to 2022.  

Following the turnover, the LGUs, through the Municipal Agriculture Offices (MAO), will directly supervise and monitor the FAs’ production, income records, and status. The DA, through its Agricultural Program Coordinating Offices in the two (2) provinces, will continue its regular monitoring to check on the FAs, provide technical assistance, and recommend other relevant services from DA programs and external agencies. Out of the 13 FAs, seven (7) developed community-based enterprises (CBEs).

During the ceremony on June 23 in Talacogon, SAAD-Caraga Regional Lead Melody Guimary recognized how the groups progressed from program beneficiaries to partners of DA in achieving its goals. One of which is becoming an avenue for more farmers to access additional aid through opening membership to those interested in the community. 

DA Agricultural Program Coordinating Office – Surigao del Sur Chief June Anthony Ouano also encouraged the FAs to seek cooperative accreditation. Of the 32 FAs assisted by the Program in its Phase 1 implementation, the Muritula Farmers’ Agricultural Cooperative (MuFACO) in San Luis is now an accredited cooperative by the Cooperative Development Authority.Table 1. List of turned over FAs


Municipality FA Livelihood Projects


Surigao del Sur Bayabas Balete Chicken Growers Association (BACGA) Native Chicken and Peanut Production 3,590,364.51
Cabugo Chicken Production Association (CCPA) Native Chicken Production  2,596,881.67
P-7 Panaosawon Farmers Association (PPAFA) Goat and Abaca Production  3,012,855.92
Riverside Panaosawon Farmers Association (RIPAFA) Goat Production  1,623,358.52
Carmen Cancavan Corn Growers’ Association (CCGA) Native Chicken Production  5,560,097.11
Antao Swine Raisers’ Association (ASRA) Egg Production  5,149,591.00
Gacub Agricultural Farmers Association (GAFA) Corn Production  904,677.70
Nagkahiusang Katawhang Mag-uuma sa Tabinas (NAKAMATA) Ube and Upland Vegetable Production  3,771,526.88
Mag-uumang Manobo sa Hinapoyan Association (MAMASAHI) Camote and Corn Production  7,116,156.61
Agusan del Sur San Luis Muritula Farmers’ Agricultural Cooperative (MuFACO) Abaca and Nursery Production  8,894,030.96
Cecelia Abaca and Corn Planters’ Association (CeAbCoPA) Abaca, Native Chicken, and Nursery Production  10,417,286.79
Talacogon Culi-ram SAAD Abaca Farmers’ Association (CuSAFA)  Abaca Production  6,995,037.95
Desamparados SAAD Cacao Farmers’ Association (DSCFA) Cacao Production  5,927,426.19
Total 65,559,291.81

MuFACO, CeAbCoPA, CuSAFA are engaged in abaca fiber production, with MuFACO and CuSAFA furthering their services to fiber consolidation. Both are buying fibers produced by FA members and producers in the community. 

In Surigao del Sur, CCGA, ASRA, BACGA, CACPA with native and layer chicken production projects have since become regular suppliers of eggs, live weight, and chicks in their communities. PPAFA, RIPAFA under goat production project recipients are also occasionally selling live goats in their community while focusing on increasing their stocks. 

Moreover, NAKAMATA and GAFA awarded with ube and corn production projects are now regularly planting crops for selling and consumption. Meanwhile, MAMASAHI engaged in camote farming is processing extra raw camote chips sold within their community.

Another batch of turnover ceremonies of the remaining 19 FAs under SAAD Phase 1 implementation is scheduled for Veruela and Talacogon in Agusan del Sur and Bislig City and Lingig, Surigao del Sur in July. ###


Writer: Mark Angelo Pineda, DA-SAAD Caraga Information Officer

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