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SAAD Western Visayas rolls out agri-interventions to farmer-beneficiaries

ILOILO City, June 30, 2023 – The Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program starts distribution of livelihood projects on corn, high-value crops, livestock, and poultry in five (5) provinces in Western Visayas region to 34 farmers’ associations (FA).

With the assistance of Municipal Agriculture Offices, various farm tools and agricultural inputs were turned over to 1,020 member beneficiaries in nine (9) priority municipalities of Iloilo, Guimaras, Antique, Aklan, and Negros Occidental; six (6) of the towns belong to 5th income class municipalities while the other two has two communities belonging to Geographically-Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDAs).  

Regional Operational Planning Budget, Monitoring & Evaluation (OPBME) Unit Lead Sheryl Mae Gaylan noted the completion of Beneficiary Needs Assessments (BNA) and Capability Building trainings as part of the Social Preparation component of SAAD prior to the delivery of interventions. These preparatory activities are designed to prepare the beneficiaries for project implementation and encourage them to actively participate and prepare their community, and set personal responsibilities and commitment in managing the group and SAAD’s livelihood projects. 

“With the core objectives to contribute to poverty reduction and local food production of 5th-6th income class and top-third poorest municipalities in the region, our implementers here in the region have already commenced in delivering agricultural inputs to our beneficiaries as partial fulfillment to their livelihood projects,” said Ms. Gaylan. 

To make sure that livelihood projects address the needs of identified beneficiaries, regional implementers used the existing baseline data of LGU counterparts as the primary basis for formulating agricultural interventions. Then, the results of the BNA study were utilized through triangulation to further validate the suitability and feasibility of the projects.

Table 1. Partial Deliveries of Livelihood Interventions in Western Visayas


Place and Date of Delivery
Farmers’ Association

FY 2023 Livelihood Project

105 sacks of inorganic fertilizer Tangalan, Aklan
May 18
Sitio Ilaya Pudiot Tangalan Farmers’ Association Banana Production
Tagas Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative Vegetable Production Project
Panayakan Lanipga Multi-Purpose Cooperative Corn Production Project
Dumatad Farmers’ Association Vegetable Production
150 sacks of inorganic fertilizer, 1,000 banana suckers of saba variety Buruanga, Aklan
May 18
Bagong Bayan Vegetables Farmers’ Association Coffee and Native Production
Tag-osip Farmers’ Association Pineapple Production
Sapsapon Vegetable Growers’ Association Corn and Vegetable Production
Sitio Ilaya Pudiot Tangalan Farmers Association Banana Production Project
120 sacks of fertilizer,
3 liters of pesticides and various farm tools
Libertad, Aklan
May 18-19
Union Libertad Farmers Irrigators’ Association Vegetable Production Project
Codiong Inyawan Green Forest Association Chicken Layer Egg Production
Sitio San Juan Farmers Association Ginger Production
Lindero Farmers and Laborers’ Organization Chicken Layer Egg Production
110 bags of inorganic fertilizer, pesticides and various farm tools Bingawan, Iloilo
May 26
Tubod Farmers’ Association Duck Production
Sitio Maganhop Farmers’ Association Corn and Vegetable
Guinhulacan Farmers’ Association Corn Production
Poblacion Bingawan Farmers’ Association Chicken Layer Egg Production
50 bags of inorganic fertilizer, pesticides, various farm tools San Rafael, Iloilo
May 26
Barangay Poscolon Farmers’ Association Calamansi Production
Barangay San Dionisio Farmers’ Association Calamansi Production
Barangay Aripdip Farmers’ Association Chicken Layer Egg  Production
25 bags of inorganic fertilizer, 25 cans of attractant, 25 liters of pesticide, 3 pieces of sprinkler, various farm tools, 1,000 pieces of drafted calamansi Batad, Iloilo
May 26
Tapi-an Farmers Association Native Chicken Production
Alapasco Bulak Sur Irrigators Service Association Inc. Pineapple Production
Cabagohan Farmers Association Chicken Layer Egg Production
Mapadinayunon Rural Association Calamansi Production
100 bags of inorganic fertilizer, farm tools and agrochemicals
Collapsible Dryer (2 units)
Granule Applicator (2 units)
San Lorenzo, Guimaras
May 24-26
United Farmers and Fisherfolk Association Egg Production Project Package
Tamburong Farmers Association Corn and Vegetable Production Project Package
San Lorenzo South Corn and Cassava Farmers Association Corn Production Project Package
Napuong Small Farmers Association Vegetable Production Project Package
40 bags of inorganic fertilizer with farm tools Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental
May 26
Kaunlaran sa Sitio Can-awi Farmers and Farmworkers Association Duck Production
Minahan Hog Raiser Association Hog Production
Kaisahan sang mga Mangunguma kag Mamumugon sa Brgy. Quintin Remo Peanut Production
Grupo ka Manug Sagod sang Baboy sa Moises Padilla Hog Production
Assorted farm tools and two (2) units of granular applicators La Castellana, Negros Occidental
May 26
Hacienda Agho Camandag Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association Hog Production
Madayao Gomez Farmers and Workers Association Native Chicken
Mainuswagon nga Asosasyon nga may Gabay nga Handom nga Ipadayon nga Maghimakas agud Maangkon ang Kahilwayan sa Pangabuhian kag Duta nga Aguman sang Taga-Talaptap Vegetable Production

Aklan and Antique Cluster 

With a striking range of fertilizer prices that range from Php 2,000 – Php 3,000, one of the essential components of the assistance,  SAAD Western Visayas turned over 105 sacks of inorganic fertilizer to the Municipal Agriculture Office of Tangalan (5th income class), Aklan to help alleviate the burden on farmers of the rising cost of the farm inputs.

These fertilizers were then distributed on May 19-20 to Pudiot Farmers’ Association (FY 2023 Banana Production), Tagas Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (FY 2023 Vegetable Production), Panayakan Lanigpa Multi-Purpose Cooperative (FY 2023 Corn Production), and Dumatad Farmers’ Association (FY 2023 Vegetable Production). 

In the town of Buruanga (5th income class), SAAD regional implementer Mylene Sangcap together with OIC-MAO Jorgia Amor Dagohoy distributed over 150 sacks of inorganic fertilizer on May 19 and various farm tools on May 29. These interventions were received by Bagong Bayan Vegetables Farmers’ Association (Native Chicken and Coffee Productions), and Tag-osip Farmers’ Association (Pineapple Production). 

Bagong Bayan Vegetables Farmers’ Association Chairman Paladin Bionzo expressed his gratitude to the SAAD Program since his group was identified as a recipient of native chicken and coffee production. They partially received farm inputs such as farm tools and inorganic fertilizers which they temporarily stored at the barangay center while the construction of their storage facility is ongoing. The group assured their cooperation and vowed they will put the said inputs into good use. 

In Antique and Aklan, baseline data from LGU counterparts revealed that identified beneficiaries have small-scale crop production and some tend to native chicken but their yields are often intended for household consumption. These crops such as vegetables, corn, pineapple, ginger, among others, are sustainable in their areas but farmers lack the capital to buy seeds, slips, rhizomes, and seedlings because their harvests are just enough to make ends meet. 

Results derived from the BNA study confirmed that beneficiaries indeed need access to agricultural inputs in their crop production. Thus, implementers formulated livelihood projects aimed to increase farmers’ productivity, especially in growing the said crops like vegetables, pineapple, corn, and banana as well as managing poultry production. 

Negros Occidental Cluster 

On May 26, SAAD regional implementers led the turnover of 40 bags of inorganic fertilizer with farm tools in Moises Padilla (top-third poorest municipalities) with the assistance of the Municipal Agriculture Office. 

In La Castellana (top-third poorest municipalities), three (3) associations received assorted farm tools and two (2) units of granular applicators during the initial distribution conducted by SAAD regional implementers with the assistance of MAO. 

Utilizing the BNA results, implementers confirmed that the said livelihood projects in crop and livestock production are viable in the identified communities having fertile lands to grow high-value crops such as vegetables and peanuts while the majority are already managing small-scale livestock production. Lack of access to farm inputs and equipment poses a challenge to the productivity of beneficiaries which will be provided by SAAD, alongside training activities both in organizational and production aspects to usher transformation to an enterprise.

Iloilo and Guimaras Cluster 

In Iloilo, the towns of Bingawan (5th income class), San Rafael (5th income class), and Batad (5th income class) received inorganic fertilizers, various farm tools and materials, and agrochemicals on May 24, 26, and 29 respectively as part of the partial deliveries of interventions under the Calamansi, Chicken Egg, Native Chicken, Pineapple, Duck, and Corn and Vegetable Production Projects.

Most farmers’ associations with small-scale production in the province of Iloilo are focused on three major commodities – corn, poultry, and high-value crops such as vegetables and pineapple. Anchoring on the baseline data of the LGU counterparts, the regional implementers formulated livelihood projects that would supplement and enhance the existing production of beneficiaries.

BNA results support that the targeted interventions are feasible and viable in the community as well as addressing the needs of the identified farmers.  

In the island province of Guimaras, a turnover ceremony was conducted at the Municipal Gym of San Lorenzo (5th income class) on June 6, 2023. Present during the activity were SAAD Regional OPBME Lead Sheryl Mae Gaylan with RPMSO staff, APCO Guimaras Arlene Escuadra, Provincial Office for Agricultural Service (POAS) Chief Alvin Nava, Alyn Joy Tupaz from ROS Guimaras, Acting Mayor Constantino Cordero Jr., SB Member, and 4 Punong Barangays. 

Arlene Escuadra, in her message, challenged farmers to live up to the “Strong Association, Attitude, Direction” mantra so they could achieve the goal of the program which is to establish community-based enterprises.

The whole month of June is intended for the delivery of interventions prior to the conduct of needs-based training and will continue in the remaining months of 2023 until such time that the whole package will be completed. ###


Writers: Christ John B. Gamarcha and Cedie C. Bataga, DA-SAAD Region 6 Information Officers

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