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SAAD-assisted NegOr FAs earn more than 500k gross from Cattle Fattening Project

NEGROS ORIENTAL, April 28, 2023 –  Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program’s assisted farmers associations (FAs) in Negros Oriental earned Php 558,300.00 from the open-ground auction in Tayak and Mainit, Siation, Negros Oriental from February 22 to March 20, 2023.

The 19 individuals who participated in the open-ground are from three (3) SAAD-assisted FAs namely: Mainit Tayak Farmers, Fishermen Association, Cabangahan Tayak Farmers Association, and Tayak Proper Farmers Association in Siaton, Negros Oriental. They sold a total of 19 head of cattle from the recent open-ground auction, allowing their associations to garner income for the roll-over of their cattle fattening production. 

The open-ground auction was organized by the three (3) FAs. The activity is part of the agreement of the FAs as stipulated in their memorandum of agreement (MOA) to conduct an open-ground every six (6) to 12 months after they acquired the livestock. 

An open-ground is usually organized by livestock farmers and their associations to collectively market their livestock. In preparation for the activity, the FAs contacted local buyers in their neighboring barangay.

Upon inclusion in the program, all three (3) FAs and their members agreed to a roll-over scheme to expand the program’s covered beneficiaries. To formalize this arrangement, the FAs agreed to share 20% of sales to the association whenever a member sells cattle for the first round, and 30% in the second round.

Table 1. Income breakdown per FA from the Cattle Fattening Project

Christopher Palalon, Chair of the Tayak Proper Farmers Association shared his gratitude to the program for they were not only given interventions, they were also able to generate funds to continue the roll-over scheme, allowing the association to purchase additional heads for next-in-line beneficiaries.

Dako ko ug pasalamat sa akoa nga mga miyembro nga nakagalam aning lima kabuok baka  sa unang cycle,  sila nka income  ug ang asosasyon pod naka income gikan sa sharing nga 30 porsyento. Ang income sa  maong asosasyun amua kining ipalit ug laing baka ug lain npod nga miyembro ang makadawat,ug makabinipisyu,” he shared.

(I am very thankful to our members who raised the five (5) cattle in the first cycle. Not only the members earned income from the auction but also the association has benefitted from the 30% sharing scheme. The income was used to purchase additional cattle for the next-in-line beneficiaries within the association.) 

A roll-over scheme is a mechanism that addresses the limitation of the project’s budget. Roll-over scheme is usually practiced in livestock production because of its repopulating or reproducing characteristics like breeding a goat or cattle, etc.

In SAAD regional counterparts due to budget constraints, it often practices a roll-over scheme to cater additional beneficiaries.

The necessity to provide large-ruminant production

Siaton’s geographical disposition has poor soil quality given its hillside characteristic, hence it is not suitable for agricultural production, the reason why raising large-ruminant is the best way to utilize the area wherein the cattle manure can also be used as a natural fertilizer to gradually help the soil condition’s fertility to improve.

SAAD Central Visayas acknowledges these kinds of situations and implements projects that are suitable to the community, it also factors improving food diet and security in the community.

Way Forward

Transitioning to Phase 2, the Area Coordinator of Siaton has been closely coordinating with the beneficiaries in preparation for the turnover of the program to the Municipal Agricultural Office for continuation and monitoring of SAAD projects implemented in Negros Oriental. ###

Writer: Jolina T. Dano, SAAD Central Visayas Information Officer
Sources: May Pialago, SAAD Negros Oriental Area Coordinator
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