Poultry raisers in ZDN receive 2.5M worth of start-up inputs from SAAD Program

ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE, May 31, 2023 – Aimed at increasing the income and economic capacity of farmers, 60 poultry raisers were granted Php 2.5 million total worth of Layer Chicken-Egg Production Project from the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in Zamboanga Del Norte.

On May 18, 2023, the 7M La Victoria Farmers Association (7MLVFA), from La Libertad (5th class municipality) and Makugihong Mag-uuma sa Godod (MMG) from Godod (59.30% poverty incidence) received a poultry project with a total combined value of Php 2,523,670, funded under SAAD FY 2023. 

The livelihood project is aimed at providing additional income to poultry farmers and equipping them to establish a community-based enterprise (CBE) in the community.

The Layer Chicken-Egg Production project comprises 40 modules (1,920 head) of caged ready-to-lay (RTL) chickens, 1,000 paper egg trays with 30-egg capacity, four (4) units of egg weighing scale and 165 bags of chicken layer crumble feeds for two months stocks consumption.

Technical training on Layer Chicken Raising was also conducted last May 29, 2023, to fully equip the 7MLVFA members with knowledge and skills on the operation of the project, led by the DA-SAAD 9 Community Development Officer from Provincial Program Management Support Office (PPMSO) Jailyn Gamutan. Meanwhile, the MMG is set undergo the same training on June 7. 

The 7MLVFA is tagged as a Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Area (GIDA). GIDA towns refer to communities with marginalized population separated from the mainstream society characterized by physical and socio-economic factors. 

Table 1. Inputs delivered to two (2) FAs in Zamboanga del NorteOn Project Implementation

During the Phase 1 implementation, SAAD Zamboanga Peninsula headed by the Regional Field Office (RFO) 9 was recognized as having the most number of established community-based enterprises (CBEs) among all the regions covered by the program. Overall, SAAD ZamPen assisted and maintained 62 groups of farmers engaged in small-scale businesses. Majority of these CBEs are engaged in Layer Chicken-Egg Production since it generates income on a daily basis.

Continuing the same mission, encouraging more sustainable livelihood through SAAD projects, the two FAs will be equipped and assisted accordingly providing from technical to physical needs guided with the goal to turn said grants into profitable community-based enterprises.

To ensure sustainability, both FA members have agreed on a rollover scheme on replacing RTL chickens when they reach the culling period. 

“Paghuman sa among meeting kauban ang amoang area coordinator nga si Janeen, nasabutan namo nga ang 75% sa amoang net income among tigumon para sa pag replenish sa manok kung i-cull na sila human sa 18 months nga operation, pati pud ang feeds nga kaonon sa manok sa isa ka bulan. Mag sharing lang dayun mi usa ka tuig sugod karon paghuman ug audit sa taga SAAD ug 20% lang pud ang amoang ihatag sa mga miyembro. Ang 5% ana para sa maintenance sa housing sa manok,” explained Makugihong Mag-uuma sa Godod President Polviva Eslit. 

(After our meeting with our area coordinator Janeen Ivana Golis, we have agreed that 75% of the total net income will be saved for the replenishment RTLs when culled after 18 months of operation, and the feed supply that will be consumed for a month. Sharing will be after one year of operation or annually and only after audited by the SAAD (Technical Marketing Officer) and only 20 % of the total net income will be distributed to the members. Meanwhile, the remaining 5% will be allocated for the maintenance and repair of the housing shed or building.)

The DA-SAAD 9 Social Preparation and Program Management (SPPM) Unit from Regional Program Management Support Office (RPMSO) is set to conduct financial management training with said associations in July for proper record keeping, aiding to ensure the financial sustainability of the project. ### 

Writer: Aimee Lou D. Madjus, DA-SAAD Region 9 Information Officer
Sources: Janeen Ivana S. Golis, DA-SAAD 9 Community Development Officer, PPMSO