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SAAD Kalinga joins Bodong Agro-Fair

KALINGA, April 3, 2023Fourteen (14) Farmers’ Associations (FAs) supported by the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program Phase 1 showcased their farm products, agriculture based food specialties, delicacies, and other crops in the four-day Bodong Agro-Fair held in the Capitol Grounds, Bulanao, Tabuk City, Kalinga. 

Held from February 13 to 17, 2023 – the Bodong Agro-Fair is one of the province’s major activities in celebration of Kalinga’s 28th Founding Anniversary and 4th Bodong Festival. It serves as an avenue for local farmers to promote their agricultural products and an opportunity for possible market linkage among agricultural firms and investors.

SAAD farmers associations (FA) in joining agricultural trade fair in Kalinga

In partnership with the Municipal and Provincial Local Government Units of Tabuk, the event took place to urge the participation of farmers from various municipalities. Thus, the SAAD Kalinga team mobilized the program beneficiaries to display their products during the celebration.

The festival featured cultural performances and a farmer’s market. Among the products displayed were table eggs, taro, turmeric rhizomes, mungbean, banana chips, peanut butter, ground coffee, unshelled and roasted peanuts, turmeric powder, sugar cane wine, and livestock – all produced by the beneficiaries. Through this, the SAAD beneficiaries were able to earn Php 76,500.00. 

Fourteen (14) associations from different SAAD-covered municipalities participated in the activity. They are program beneficiaries from MATAGUAN Farmers Association; Lay-Asan Proper Farmer’s Developer Association; Bawac, Darulog, Allubaggan, Pagugo Farmers Organization; Makilo Farmers Association; Mallango Ufi Farmers Association; Magic 78 Lower Bangad Farmer’s Organization; Santor SAAD Livelihood Association; SAAD Dao-Angan Organization; Gubang Tribe Farmers Association; Bolo-Nawoy-Kilayon-Ligayan Farmers Association; YMabaca Farmers Association; Tanglag Farmers Fisherfolk And Irrigators Association; Tanglag Farmers and Fisherfolks Association; and Latawan Ag-Agama Mallongan Farmers Association. 

Kalinga Vice Governor Jocel C. Baac, in his message, recognized the efforts and hard work of the farmers who are  the backbone of the society. He also signified his support in prioritizing the agricultural sector.

“We cannot simply celebrate the event in the province without holding an agro-fair because this is one of the opportunities to highlight the products produced by our local farmers. Also, it gives us a chance to honor the efforts made by our farmers and the local government services to elevate and enhance our agricultural products. Thank you so much to all provincial agriculturists and staff, including our municipal agriculture officer,” expressed Vice Governor Baac.

Table 1. Sales per association

During the trade fair’s closing program, Provincial Agriculturist Engr. Domingo A. Bakilan extended his gratitude to the SAAD FAs for their participation. Meanwhile, with the finalization of the sustainability plan for their project and association, the local government through Municipal Agricultural Office (MAO) is committed to provide technical assistance to guide them in terms of marketing their products.###

Writer: Sheen Dayagon, DA-SAAD Kalinga, Information Officer

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