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Bugasong pig raisers earned Php 164K, transfer piglets to 15 next grantees

Swine fattening has been a go-to alternative livelihood of every household, because it is a great source of income in smallholder farms, it being a lucrative trade with the swine having a high food conversion ratio. The income generated from this venture becomes their means to capitalize savings and serves as their ‘safety nets’ whenever a crisis arises.

In the Philippines, these smallholder farms contribute 77.7% to the country’s swine population, with Western Visayas ranked 2nd in terms of contribution with a share of 11.6 percent (PSA, 2022).

However, illnesses such as the African Swine Fever (ASF) pose threats, like the 2019 outbreak in the Philippines which severely affected the local hog industry and triggered losses in the economy. The country’s extensive response against ASF includes strengthened biosecurity and border control (area zoning) from national to local levels prioritizing projects that required and enabled local raisers to source swine within their borders. This strategy was supplemented with inputs that repopulate the animals in the area.

With the province still in the green zone, the local government unit (LGU) of Antique, through its Veterinary Office, established an ASF border checkpoint in various points of entries and imposed strict protocols to ensure that the local swine industry is protected. The fortification of ASF watch was to secure their borders, noting that Antique is adjacent to Iloilo province where ASF cases continue to spread.

Hog farming continues amid ASF threat

The Talisay Rice Farmers Association (TRFA) located in Bugasong did not falter with such challenges that hindered business continuity for hog growers like them.

The group accepted a Php 181,784 worth of project package from the Department of Agriculture (DA)-Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program with the goal of utilizing the reproductive herd for breeding and the meat for value-adding.

In two separate deliveries, 15 piglets worth Php 87,000 were delivered to the association on May 17, 2022 complemented with one hybrid boar and 5 gilts worth Php 177,500 on September 7, 2022. Also included in the package were hog feeds, drugs and biologics, packets of assorted vegetable seeds, organic fertilizer, and various farm tools and materials.

An agripreneurship training for value-addition of pork products was also provided to the recipients on July 29, 2022 to capacitate them towards the establishment of their own community-based enterprise. Read related story here

The FY 2022 Hog Fattening Enterprise with Vegetable Production Project was proposed by the association to not only boost the production of meat in the locality but also to increase their household income. After four months of diligent rearing and tending to the hogs, 15 swine raisers of the TRFA listed a gross income of Php 164,410 (Table 1).Table 1. FY 2022 TRFA Sales Record


Name of Beneficiary

Gross Income
Piglet roll-over cash form

Net Income

Cristituto Berdin




Jose Vicente

10,465.00 5,800.00


Michael Vicente




Pelagia L. Sanchez




Eufemia Y. Casi




Rosana B. Solangon




Hector Adricula




Alejandro B. Panaguiton




Liezl A. Noble




Victoria Lavega




Evangeline Virgo




Rosemarie Y. Sidayon




Ligaya T. Ynion




John Hope Dungganon




Ildefonso Dalumpines








Policies for sustainability

The association implemented health measures and policies on management, inputs’ rollover, and repayment scheme to ensure stability and financial security.

Citing talks with the group members, it was agreed by the majority that the gilt and boar will be sheltered in the lot owned by the FA President, though they all agreed to identify persons in-charge of managing, feeding, and maintaining the cleanliness of the pens.

The 15 first-in-line beneficiaries are required to give back the capital of the piglet in monetary form, thus, are expected to hand in Php 5,800 each. On top of that, 10% from the recipient’s net income shall go directly to the association’s savings.

Once the gilts repopulate, the members who tended to the herd will have a share and will have the chance to raise one for themselves; should there be more than one litter, the rest will be divided among members.

Moreover, one piglet will be intended for their utility bills such as electricity and water; likewise, a fee of Php 9,200 will be set aside as payment for the Artificial Insemination (AI) Technician.

With the policies strictly observed and implemented, the 15 members earned Php 164,410 gross from selling pork meat which they plan to use in buying another set of piglets until all members have the chance to raise and sell.

Transferred hogs to next grantees

Without using money from their own pockets, the group efficiently and proactively made use of the capital, in the form of production inputs, given by the SAAD Program.

In November 2022, from their total revenue, the group bought 15 piglets worth Php 87,000 to turn over to the second-in-line members. This left the group with Php 77,410 net income, of which 10% (Php 7,741) was directly deposited to the association’s savings (Table 1).

Grateful for the aid extended by the program, BOD Member Liezl A. Noble even shared in an exclusive interview, “Kabahol guid ang nabulig ni SAAD sa amon pangabuhian. Tungod sa sini nga programa, duro amon naman-an, halin sa pagsagud kang baboy, sa pagmarket sini, hasta sa team building kung sa diin nangin close pa guid ang tanan na miyembro.”

(SAAD has greatly helped us improve our livelihood. We learned a lot from the program starting from proper swine raising practices, how to market our stocks, and even experienced team building which brought all the members closer.)

Ways Forward

With TRFA’s knowledge on meat processing, they plan to put up a meat shop, process meat, and sell pork by-products in their community such as tocino, longganisa, siomai, and embutido. They committed to remain active in their current endeavor and intend to continue the rollover scheme to slowly build up the association’s savings and until each member receives their share of the inputs.

Walking into the enterprise phase, they aim to expand their market linkages outside the town proper once their stocks reach production level at a maximum. ###

Writer: Cedie C. Bataga, DA-SAAD 6 Information Officer
Source: Jessa Mae Gono, SAAD Area Coordinator of Bugasong


Philippines Statistics Authority. (2022). Swine Situation Report, July-September 2022. Retrieved from

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