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SAAD Bohol FAs showcase produce at the Ambacon Agri-Fishery Fair 2022

BOHOL, November 10, 2022– Eight (8) Farmers’ Associations (FAs) in Bohol showcased their agri-products during the three-day Ambacon Agri-Fishery Fair 2022 with a theme “Kabukuran ug kadagatan dugokon sa panginabuhian, atong ampingan” (Mountains and oceans are the source of livelihood, let’s take care) held at the Municipal Plaza, Getafe, Bohol. 

Five (5) among the eight (8) FAs were organized by Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD), from July to October 2019, this includes the Saguise SAAD Farmers Association (SASAFA), Taytay SAAD Farmers Association (TASAFA), Cabasakan SAAD Farmers Association (CASAFA), Hukbong Mag-uuma sa Cangmundo, and Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma sa Sto. Niño. The five (5) FAs were later registered in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in August 2021. 

The remaining three (3) are established and registered groups who qualified to receive grants from the program. Most of the FAs were primarily engaged in corn farming prior to joining the program. 

All eight (8) FAs are currently managing an integrated livelihood project provided by the Program. These projects are complementing interventions aimed to provide beneficiaries with multiple sources of income since projects have different time frames in profit generation, such as large ruminants that take a lengthy amount of time to return the investment, in comparison to crops.

FAs’ fair experience
The agri-fishery fair was one of the activities in celebration of Getafe’s 148th Founding Anniversary, spearheaded by Getafe Municipal Mayor Caryboy Camacho and assisted by the Municipal Agriculturist Office headed by Mr. Jonas Luega.

The eight (8) FAs came from among the 24 barangays invited to participate in the agri-fishery fair. The annual foundation anniversary celebration resumed this year since the previous event was held in October 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FAs from Getafe, Bohol participated in the event from October 6 to 8, 2022 generating a total combined income of Php 51,057.81.00 from various crops, poultry, and value-added products produced from the SAAD projects.

Table 1. Income generated in the Ambacon Agri-Fishery Fair

Nenita Rosas, President of the TASAFA was thankful to the LGU-Getafe for inviting farmers to join the fair.

“Dako kaayo namong kalipay nga nakaapil ug nakabaligya mi sa among mga abot diri, karon. Lahi ragid karon nga experience sa wala pa ang COVID nga pag opening rami nakatambong kaysa karon, nga kami na ang namaligya ug apil sa mga dula nga gi organized sa LGU,” shared Ms. Rosas.

(It is with so much joy to finally join and display my fresh produce here in the fair. Today’s experience was different from before COVID (19) happened, now we can sell our products and will be able to participate in the activities organized by the LGU.)

Getafe Municipal Agricultural Officer Jonas Luega, expressed his gratitude to the participants of the fair. “Daghan kaayong salamat sa inyong pag-apil sa atong actibidad karon. Mapasalamaton ko sa oportunidad, effort, ug motivation nga inyong gipakita karon, sa pag display sa inyong mga utanon ug isda. Atong palamboon atong tema”.

(Thank you very much for your participation in our activity today. I am grateful for the opportunity, effort, and enthusiasm you have shown today, to display your vegetables and fish. Let’s advocate our theme.)

Interventions turn-over
In the same event, DA-SAAD held a ceremonial turn-over of two (2) units of multi-cultivator amounting to Php 300,000.00 each to the Hukbong Mag-uuma sa Cangmundo and Taytay SAAD Farmers Association under the FY 2022 Corn-Peanut Production and Processing. 

The multi-cultivator provided for the corn and peanut production, is an equipment used for preparing the land before planting the crops, usually used for weeding, double-row tilling and furrowing. It helps farmers mechanize production activities and increase productivity in crop management. 

Additionally, three (3) carabao amounting to Php 55,000.00 each were given to the Hukbong Mag-uuma sa Cangmundo, Taytay SAAD Farmers Association, and Cabasakan SAAD Farmers Association. 

Under the FY 2019-2022 budget farmers received batches of caraheifer for the Carabao Production project. SAAD awarded additional three (3) bulls under the FY 2022 budget.

A total of 180 carabaos were provided to the FAs under the FY 2019-2021 Integrated Carabao and Vegetable Production project in Getafe.

Rosinda Luega, member of Hukbong Mag-uuma sa Cangmundo, expressed her gratitude to the program for the bull their association received from the Program. “Daghan kaayong salamat sa DA-SAAD sa paghatag kanamo sa dugang laki nga carabao. Makapadaghan nami sa amoang mga carabao (Thank you so much to the DA-SAAD for providing our association with additional carabao. With this, we can now produce carabao from the caraheifer provided beforehand),” Mrs. Luega shared. ###

Writer: Jolina T. Daño, DA-SAAD Region 7 Information Officer
Source: John Paul Sanchez, DA-SAAD Region 7 Area Coordinator

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