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Apayao FCA profits from egg enterprise

APAYAO, November 29, 2022 – After engaging in various production interventions provided by the Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) program, the Upstream Livelihood Farmers Association (ULFA) ventured into egg production to expand their means for income acquisition. Composed of 158 members, ULFA was organized in 2017 as a group of farmers who are engaged in rice farming and labor service activities. Based on the official record, they are also registered as a farmers’ cooperative and association (FCA) for the marginalized rural locals under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Qualifying to DA-SAAD Program’s eligibility requirements, on September 28, 2021, the association received the FY 2021 Chicken and Egg Production Project consisting of 1,125 head of female chicken, 120 head of male chicken, and supplementary poultry supplies consisting of 50 bags of grower feeds, 127 bags of layer mash, 25 bags of multivitamins, 100 pieces of a plastic tray, 100 pieces of poultry drinker, and 25 pieces of poultry net amounting to Php 1,282,200.00.

SAAD Community Development Officer Meliza Feliciano explained that prior to the implementation of the project, SAAD field implementers conducted community consultations with most of the members of ULFA and identified poultry and livestock raisers from Barangay Bacsay. They requested for the poultry production package since they have been importing egg supplies from neighboring communities and wanted to have their own stock.

The association divided the poultry interventions among 25 chosen members (first-in-line) with at least 35 square meter (sqm) backyard each and have prior experience on poultry-raising. Each chosen beneficiary received 45 head of female chicken and 5 head of male chicken. In the month of October 2021, the officers of the association started to collect eggs from different poultry sites.

Talipapa as ULFA’s agribusiness

ULFA was inspired to establish a talipapa (makeshift market), their very own agribusiness, in Barangay Dagupan, Luna, due to the abundance of inputs received enabling production of agri-products such as poultry, vegetable, and livestock from the FY 2017 Sheep and Cattle Production Project, and FY 2021 Swine Repopulation Project granted by the program. Other than selling eggs, the members voluntarily contributed their own extra fruit and vegetable backyard produce that they have gained from the FY 2017 Vegetable Production Project, FY 2018 Corn, Vegetable and Fruit Trees Production Project, and FY 2019 Fruit Trees Production Project, also from SAAD, to add in the talipapa.

From January to June 2022, the group earned a total of Php 33,400.00 from selling eggs, vegetables, and fruits in their store. The eggs were sold at Php 160.00 per tray.

Table 1. ULFA egg production sales (January-June 2022)

Table 2. ULFA vegetable and fruit sales (January-June 2022)
Their expenses include purchasing of paper egg trays and plastic bags, as well as transportation costs.

Since the ULFA members were mainly using their vegetable and fruit backyard produce for family consumption, the surplus were sold at talipapa to gain additional income.

ULFA Vice President Anne Sacro said it was quite challenging to start a business establishment since the primary concern of the group is the rising number of vendors in their area. However, with their organically produced commodities, they have a leverage against the other sellers. Their organic products were certified by the Municipal Government of Luna, Apayao in 2019.

“Maymaysa iti turung mi nga association. Kayat mi mapalago detuy nga business ta maysa detuy nga makit-kita mi nga mabalin pagalan iti extra income nga mabalin mi pay pagbiyagan,” expressed Maxima Camayang, chairperson of ULFA.

(We have one direction as an association. We want to grow our business because we can see that this will help us have additional income for living.)

The association strictly complies with its policy for each recipient of poultry stock to turn over at least 30 pieces of egg to the group every month. SAAD Apayao Project Development Officer Roniel Dugay pointed out that with the strengthened relationship of the association, part of their sustainability plan is to venture into selling dressed chickens. Moreover, the members are tapping other agencies and the local government unit for marketing assistance.

Talipapa at present

Currently, the talipapa paused its egg offerings, since production operations are halted due to the old age of their stocks which decreased the supply. However they plan to continue their operations in the month of January.

Meanwhile, Ms. Camayang added that their vegetable and fruit products helped a lot because they were able to earn additional income aside from egg production. She attested that their regular customers were satisfied with their services especially during the previous months in which fresh and affordable vegetable and fruit supplies were in demand. ###

Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, DA-SAAD Apayao Information Officer

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