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Apayao FA ventures to farm supply thru egg production enterprise

APAYAO, November 8, 2022 – Motivated to find ways to expand their livelihood resources, farmers from the Emilia, Capannikian, San Antonio (ECASAN) Farmers Association (FA) are set to establish a farm supply store from income generated under the Poultry and Egg Production Project of the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program.

Among the 30 farmers and members of the ECASAN from barangays Emilia, Capannakian, and San Antonio, 16 first-in-line beneficiaries received poultry inputs worth Php 419,120.00 in August 2021, which include 480 head of free-range chicken (80 male, 400 female), with anti-infectives, chicken grower, layer mash, corn grits, rice bran, incubator, and plastic crates.

The project was proposed by the association after a community consultation since most of them were already poultry raisers. Aside from poultry-raising, they also grow varied crops such as vegetables, corn, and rice.

Chicken egg production enterprise

Recently identified as a community-based enterprise (CBE), the ECASAN FA accumulated a total of Php 17,466.02 income from selling chicken eggs and surrendering agreed contributions for the association’s savings. The agreement requires the members to share 20 pieces of eggs to the association monthly. The first batch of beneficiaries were chosen for having prior experience in poultry-raising and an existing 30 square meters backyard area to raise the chickens. Each of the first-in-line beneficiaries received at least 30 head of free-range chickens.

Members also have the liberty to strategize to enrich and expand their poultry and egg production. One of the members named Inang Saling breeds the free-range chicken from SAAD with her existing stocks and sells its offspring for additional income.

According to Mr. Fransisco B. Arimatea, chairperson of ECASAN FA, the association sells their farm produce to nearby barangays and towns. Their expenses include feeds and biologics for their maintenance costs.

Table 1. ECASAN FA Chicken egg production income

Currently, original stocks from the program are becoming unproductive due to aging. However, Mr. Arimetea then shared that they will be addressing the problem by using the incubator included in the project to maintain their production.

“Aware kami met nga daytoy nga project ket adda patingga iti lifespan na. Isu nga ita paylang ket madama kamin ulit agpapaado iti stocks tapno ma-maintain iti sustainability na daytoy nga project,” he said.

(We are aware that this project has a lifespan. That’s why we are now repopulating the stocks to ensure the sustainability of the project.)

Moreover, the group was so grateful for the opportunity given by the program.

“Dakkel iti pasasalamat mi iti SAAD ta maysa kami nga napagasatan nga grupo nga makaawat iti manok. Dakkel nga tuloy iti agbalin nga beneficiary,” expressed Mr. Arimetea.

(We’re so grateful to SAAD for choosing us as a recipient of these chickens. It is a huge help to become a beneficiary of this program.)

Last March, ECASAN was rated among one of the highest and outstanding 45 FAs in the province by the PPMSO in partnership with the Municipal Government that conducted its Organizational Development and Management Training. It is hoped that through the program, the associations will continue to prosper in agripreneurship.


Their earnings from the egg production will be saved for the construction of their farm supply store, which will be located at Brgy. Capannikian.

“Kayat mi padakkelen detuy investment mi, isu nga napanunut mi ti agpatakder iti paglakwan iti farm supply tapno nu  makatulong kami pay’n iti kakarabuba mi nga haan unay maka-kaya nga mapan idiay market ta narigat iti lugan dituy nga pang public,” shared Mr. Arimetea.

(We want to increase our investment, that’s why we thought of setting up a farm supply store, and that way we can also help our neighbors who can’t always go to the market because of lack of transportation.)

The group will proceed to the reproduction to replace the old stock.

Meanwhile, SAAD Apayao will be endorsing the association to the LGU for additional partnership among government agencies such as with the Technical Education and Skill Development Authority (TESDA) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). This is to ensure the sustainability of the project after the Phase 1 implementation of the SAAD Program. ###

Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, DA-SAAD Apayao Information Officer

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