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SAAD NorMin grants Php 1M worth of goat support to local raisers

NORTHERN MINDANAO, September 5, 2022 – The Department of Agriculture – Northern Mindanao (DA-10), through the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program, delivered 75 goats (does) worth Php 1,019,100 to five (5) farmer cooperatives and associations (FCAs) in Bukidnon, Misamis Occidental, and Lanao del Norte on August 10-11, 2022. This aims to provide the farmers with an additional source of income apart from mixed-crop farming.

Goat has been identified by the beneficiaries as a profitable venture apart from serving as a four-legged brushing helper to clear out unwanted weeds in the field hence. Prior to the distribution, the livestock were dewormed and inspected to ensure that they are Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) as well as Brucella-free.

In Bukidnon, 25 members of the Nagkahiusang Mag-uuma FA in Barangay Salvacion, Kadingilan received 13 does worth Php 176,644, while 25 members of the Pig-uyonan Higaonon Tribal Association in Barangay Basak, Talakag received 12 head worth Php 163,056. 

Meanwhile, in Misamis Occidental, 43 members of the Layaan Farmer Association of Concepcion received 15 head worth Php 203,820, while 25 members of the Calolot Farmer Association of Bonifacio received 10 head worth Php 135,880. 

Lastly, in Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte, SAAD delivered 25 head worth Php 339,700 to 47 members of the Mag-uuma sa Magsaysay Multi Purpose Cooperative. 

These first-in-line beneficiaries were picked for their capacity to provide suitable land areas for the small ruminants and to raise the animals for meat production. They will implement a roll-over scheme, handing over goat offspring from the original stocks to the next grantees until all the members can own a goat and operate their own goat project. Their goal is to establish a community-based enterprise (CBE) focused on liveweight goat and goat meat supply. 

The delivery is part of the Goat Multiplier Production Project under SAAD’s Integrated Agricultural Livelihood Project of 2022, which aims to achieve sustainable livestock production, introduce farmers to enterprise development, and address different needs of farmers beyond crop, rice, and vegetable production.  

SAAD will also be conducting a series of training on livestock production to further aid these FCAs in livestock management. The goat project provided will help Normin farmers increase their income and provide a market for liveweight goat and goat meat in their area. 

Since 2018, SAAD has implemented 426 livelihood projects, benefiting 135 FAs and 5,184 individuals across the three provinces in Northern Mindanao. ###

*Note: Specific data shall be released after validation.

Writer: Andrea Dawn E. Boycillo, DA-SAAD Region 10 Information Officer

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