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SAAD delivers more than Php 19M in livestock and poultry projects to 46 Dabawenyo FAs

DAVAO DE ORO, September 5, 2022 – The Department of Agriculture Region 11 through the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) program grants more than Php 19 million in livestock and poultry projects to 46 Dabawenyo farmers associations (FAs) across Davao de Oro for FY 2022.

The entirety of the FAs were previously identified as belonging to either Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) or End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC) areas. Before distribution, the FAs were capacitated through group training fit for the animal-based project they were to receive. 

Sa una pa, ang tumong sa SAAD, makahatag ug gamayng panginabuhian sa atong mga maguuma, ug kung mamahimo, makatabang sa ilahang pang-adlaw adlaw nga panginabuhian” (Even at the very beginning, the purpose of SAAD was to grant livelihood projects to our farmers, and if possible, we could be of help to their daily income), SAAD Region 11 Focal Ms. Naomi Lamata, underlined. 

Since its pilot year of implementation in the region, SAAD 11 has championed livestock and poultry livelihood projects to both individual and group beneficiaries. 

Davao de Oro, being the sole area of the program for its Phase I implementation (2017 to 2022), has received more than Php 154 million in livelihood projects from SAAD. 

Upgraded Goat Production Project

Since its pilot year of implementation, upgraded goats have been a stalwart livelihood project for SAAD 11. Upgraded goats are offspring from a Native and either an Anglo-Nubian or Boer pairing. Davao de Oro’s GIDA and ELCAC areas are prime for goat–raising, with lots of grassy hillsides.

This year, 18 FAs (20 members each) benefitted from the livelihood project worth Php 7.6 million. Each FA received 50 17kg goats at 8-10 months old, ear-tagged for identification and inventory, dewormed, and laboratory tested for Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) as well as Brucella. The project was complemented with various veterinary drugs including dewormer, antibiotics, and multivitamins.

Salamat jud sa SAAD kay nituman sila sa ilahang giingon. Maapod na jud ni sa tanang miembro, ug amoang paningkamotan nga palamboon namo ni” (We’re thankful for SAAD because they didn’t disappoint. All members will have their share, and we’ll strive to improve on this), Mr. Joeffer Nueve, chairperson for Manipongol Integrated Farmers Association, said.

Upgraded goats can reproduce twice a year, and in just a few months after distribution, farmers can start to sell the ruminants. In Davao de Oro, goats are usually sold by liveweight, and upgraded ones fetch higher prices at Php 3,500 for a 15kg (5-7 months) doeling.

Native Chicken Production Project

Another mainstay project in SAAD’s menu of livelihood projects, 18 FAs (20 members each) in Davao de Oro were granted the Native Chicken project this year. Each association received 300 native chicken, 50 sacks of 50kg feeds, 30 pieces waterer, and 150 pieces of egg trays. 

Fifteen (15) out of the 18 FAs will get incubators as an additional component for the project, while the remaining three will get the housing component. 

Mapasalamaton mi sa walay puas nga suporta sa SAAD sa amoa. Kaning mga manok, amoa jud nga palamboon sa amoang makaya, ug unta mapalungtad namo” (We are grateful for the unceasing support of SAAD to us. These chicken, we’ll strive to flourish, and we’re hopeful that we’ll sustain it), Ms. Chenita Cabanatan, chairperson for Mabugnao Pamana Sustainable Livelihood Project Association, said.

For the project, the program spent Php 8.3 million. SAAD is hopeful that with the increased number of delivered poultry, the FAs will have a springboard to go into community-based entrepreneurship.

Mallard Duck Production Project

Mallard duck raising was identified as a feasible livelihood project for GIDA and ELCAC farmers because of hardiness and quick turnover. This year, 10 FAs (20 members each) benefitted from the livelihood projects, each receiving 300 birds, 55 sacks of 50kg feeds, various veterinary drugs (multivitamins, dewormer, antibiotics), 30 pieces of waterer, 150 pieces of egg trays, and incubator with hatcher.

Addressing Rizal Tribal Farmers Association, an indigenous people (IP)-centric FA assisted by the local Revitalized Pulis sa Barangay in Monkayo, SAAD Regional Focal Ms. Naomi Lamata said, “Tumong ug tinguha sa SAAD tung una pa nga madugangan ang panginabuhian sa mga mag-uuma sa hilagyong dapit. Ang naka-special ani, Davao de Oro ra sa entero Davao Region naay SAAD. Ang isa pa, ginahatod sa inyohang lugar, dili kamo muadto sa munisipyo” (SAAD has always been about supplementing our farmers’ income streams in hinterland areas. What’s special about this is that in the entire Davao Region, only the province of Davao de Oro has SAAD. We deliver in your areas, you are not required to come to the municipality’s center).

SAAD spent Php 3.4 million for the entire project. Prior to distribution, the FAs provided the birds’ pen as part of their counterpart effort. Farmers were also equipped with training specific to mallard duck raising for practical and technical know-how in order to sustain the projects. ###


Writer: James Brian R. Flaga, Information Officer
Source: DA-SAAD Davao de Oro

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