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60 Antique farmers expect increase in hog production

ANTIQUE, September 27, 2022 – With the initiative to strengthen swine production program of the Department of Agriculture (DA), the Special Area for Agricultural Development Region 6 (SAAD 6), granted 2 boars and 10 gilts worth Php 355,000 to two (2) farmers associations (FAs) in Bugasong on September 7, 2022.

The assistance is part of SAAD’s FY 2022 Hog Fattening Enterprise with Vegetable Production Project worth Php 1,142,269.28, benefiting 30 members of Pangalcagan Farmers Association (PFA) and 30 members of Talisay Rice Farmers Association (TRFA).

The animals will be raised in each FA’s communal pigpen, securing an African Swine Fever (ASF)-free hog and meat production environment. These gilts and boars, as the reproductive herd, will be utilized for breeding and the litter produced shall then be fattened for meat production. The provision of additional stocks is anticipated to augment the meager income of 60 swine raisers and vegetable growers.

Hog Fattening Enterprise with Vegetable Production Project

The municipality of Bugasong is situated in the central part of Antique. Farming is the dominant livelihood activity and serves as the primary source of income in most households, with rice plantation occupying the largest area in both irrigated and non-irrigated lands.

Poultry and livestock raising, on the other hand, contributes to the overall agri-economy in the municipality. Swine, in particular, are raised for either breeding or fattening and either sold as liveweight or as carcass.

Aside from Bugasong being the 8th most populous municipality in the whole of Antique, the growing demand for meat in the locality requires a boost in production, following the threat of the ASF currently affecting some regions.

According to reports submitted to the World Health Organization for Animal Health, the Philippines reported 199 new ASF cases in the Visayas and Mindanao as well as 51 in Luzon. The outbreaks in Visayas are ongoing, specifically in the neighboring provinces of Leyte and Northern Samar (Philstar, 2022).

However, a recent advisory released by the Bureau of Animal Industry in Western Visayas showed that the region remains in the green zone, with swine communities still ASF-free.

Considering this, the PFA and TRFA proposed a hog production project and were granted with inputs under the FY 2022 Hog Fattening Enterprise with Vegetable Production Project. This includes 30 piglets, hog feeds, drugs and biologics, 500 packets of pinakbet seeds, 127 bags of organic fertilizers, and various farm tools and materials delivered in March and May, this year.

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While the FAs are given startup capital in the form of piglets, they are also provided with gilt and boars for reproduction. The sustainability scheme is efficiently profitable as the cycle gives them a chance to simultaneously do fattening and reproduction in one.

Hog Fattening and Swine Repopulation

The piglets previously provided to the FAs in August are for fattening. After three months of tending, the stocks are now ready for market. SAAD Area Coordinator for Bugasong Ms. Jessa Mae Gono is currently coordinating with the Local Government Unit (LGU) for possible market links to help the two FAs.

From the first-in-line beneficiaries’ income, a 10% share will go for the group’s fund. This is intended to buy piglets for the next project grantees, as part of their roll-over scheme.

On the other hand, the litters produced by the reproductive herd will be distributed to the third-in-line beneficiaries.

These strategies will allow the FAs to continuously produce meat and rollover inputs until all members can start with swine production.

Vegetable Production

For PFA, the inputs for vegetable production were divided among members and the association. Some seeds were planted in individual backyard settings for consumption and some are yet to be planted in their 0.5 hectares (ha) communal garden this October to November.

TRFA, on the other hand, plans to transplant this October in three different areas with the same consolidated area of 0.5 ha. As per TRFA’s meeting, they planned to cultivate the seeds at a local elementary school, on the president’s vacant lot, and in a member’s garden.

The two FAs observe transplanting for selective cultivation of healthy seedlings. This process permits access to fresh greens because of less soil disturbances than the ones sown directly into the soil. The majority agreed to do so in order to synchronize their harvest with the upcoming trade fair in the province scheduled in November.

Towards Enterprise Development

To help the FAs sustain their project apart from home consumption, the program also prepared them for the establishment of a community-based enterprise. They were equipped with Vegetable Production with Value-Adding and Swine Production Training conducted on May 31 to June 1, 2022.

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The beneficiaries are advanced in livestock management, expecting to produce healthy litter and quality meat.

They are also set to receive a chest freezer for their enterprise ventures with PFA, including meatshop materials and equipment, target to be delivered in November.

Municipal Agriculturist Mr. Freddie P. Vista, together with the LGU of Bugasong committed to provide technical support to help the recipients sustain their livestock ventures. ###


Writer: Cedie C. Bataga, Information Officer I
Photos by: Denmark Prayco, Media Production Officer
Source: Jessa Mae Gono, Area Coordinator


Talavera, C. (2022). PhilStar: Philippines logs new ASF cases. Retrieved from

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