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16 FAs receive Php 1.1M worth of livestock and poultry projects from DA-SAAD

COTABATO, July 11, 2022 – Various livestock interventions and poultry inputs worth Php 1.1 million were provided to 16 farmers’ associations (FAs) in Cotabato by the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program during the simultaneous distribution from June 30 to July 1.

Said projects were distributed with the goal of increasing farm productivity of the associations and expanding their sources of income.

The draft animals (cattle, carabao, and horse) under the FY 2021 Dispersal Projects will be utilized for land preparation and cultivation, transportation, and hauling of products from farm to market of the 14 FAs from 11 municipalities. Farmers provided with livestock animals are usually corn, rice, and vegetable producers. With their community situated in isolated or far-flung areas, their harvests need to be transported, another burden for small-scale mixed-crop farmers.

Meanwhile, the upgraded goats, 10 to 12 months old, awarded to the first-in-line beneficiaries of Sta. Filomina and Leboce FAs in Makilala will be raised for milk and meat production. The municipality has plenty of grazing areas suitable for goat raising.

Prior to the delivery, the large and small ruminants were inspected and tested with Brucella and Surra, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), and vaccinated against hemorrhagic septicemia. Under the dispersal projects, biologics for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in animals were initially provided to some FAs while waiting for the additional stocks currently under procurement.

For the poultry component, Muscovy ducks were granted to the 10 members of Sikitan Women’s Association. Each member will raise five ducks in their respective areas for egg and meat production. Before this project, the farmers’ households are earning around Php 8,000 as land tenants and agricultural laborers.

The FAs (880 members) who accepted the livestock and poultry projects came from the municipalities of Aleosan, Arakan, Banisilan, Carmen, Kabacan, Kidapawan, Libungan, Makilala, Matalam, Pigcawayan, President Roxas, and Tulunan.

Table 1. Various livestock and poultry received by Cotabato FAs


Location Intervention received Project
(FY 2021)

Project Cost

June 30, 2022
Bangilan FA
(63 members)
Bangilan, Kabacan 4 cattle Cattle Dispersal 123,587.64
Nagkahiusang Magsasaka sa Taguranao (NAGMATA) FA
(68 members)
Taguranao, Matalam 3 cattle Cattle Dispersal 92,630.73
Lilyungan FA
(63 members)
Liliongan, Carmen 2 cattle Cattle Dispersal 61,793.82
Sikitan FA
(10 Members)
Sikitan, Kidapawan City 2 carabao Carabao Dispersal 84,786.52
Sikitan Women’s Association
(10 Members)
Sikitan, Kidapawan City 50 muscovy ducks Muscovy Duck Production 24,992.50
Sta. Filomina FA
(10 Members)
Sta Felomina, Makilala 8 upgraded goats Goat Dispersal 71,592.80
Leboce FA
(10 Members)
Leboce, Makilala 7 upgraded goats Goat Dispersal 62,643.70
July 1, 2022
Paraiso Agrarian Reform FA
(37 members)
Paraiso, Tulunan 1 carabao Carabao Dispersal 54,817.01
1 horse Horse Dispersal
Bagong Pag-asa Credit Cooperative
(105 members)
North Manuangan, Pigcawayan 3 Cattle Cattle Dispersal 92,630.73
Libris Division 3 BASI Irrigator’s Association
(200 Members)
Batiocan, Libungan 3 cattle
1 bottle ivermectin
1 bottle multivitamins
2 bottles dextrose+cab-gluconate+mg-gluconate (DCM)
Cattle Dispersal 93,978.73
Baguer FA
(58 members)
Baguer, Libungan 3 cattle
1 bottle ivermectin
1 bottle multivitamins
2 bottles DCM
Cattle Dispersal 93,978.73
NALPAN Multipurpose Cooperative
(80 members)
Upper Mingading, Aleosan 1 cattle Cattle Dispersal 62,141.92
1 carabao
1 bottle ivermectin
1 bottle multivitamins
2 bottles DCM
Carabao Dispersal
MRDP CFAD Poblacion 2 FA
(68 members)
Poblacion 2, Banisilan 3 cattle Cattle Dispersal 92,630.73
Moroland FA
(78 members)
Pantar, Banisilan 1 carabao Carabao Dispersal 29,897.01
Sitio Basag IP Agriculture Cooperative
(10 members)
Sitio Basag, Pres. Roxas 2 Carabao Carabao Dispersal 84,714.02
1 Horse Horse Dispersal
San Miguel United FA
(10 members)
San Miguel, Arakan 1 Carabao Carabao Dispersal 54,817.01
1 Horse Horse Dispersal
Total 1,181,633.60

NAGMATA FA president, Mr. Rodney Sumagaysay shared that, “Ang SAAD maoy isa sa instrumentong gihimo sa Ginoo nga maoy nakatabang ug dako sa amuang panginabuhi, kun asa, kini nakatabang sa pagpalambo sa kahimtang sa amuang panginabuhi. Daghang salamat sa mga personahe nga nangulo aning SAAD program.”

(SAAD became one of God’s instruments to help us improve our livelihood. Thank you so much to the program implementers and management of the SAAD program).

The said distribution was facilitated by the Cotabato Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer Rey Domingo, Deputy SAAD Focal Person Elma Delante, SAAD regional and provincial staff, and representatives from the 13 local government units (LGUs) of Cotabato. ###


Writer: Jennifer A. Valcobero, DA-SAAD NPMO Information Officer
Sources: Aisa L. Tina, DA-SAAD 12 Information Officer, DA-SAAD 12, and SAAD Cotabato

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