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SAAD National Director visits beneficiaries in Bohol

BOHOL, June 9, 2022 – The Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agricultural Development Program (DA-SAAD) National Program Director Myer G. Mula visited eight (8) farmers’ associations (FAs) and two (2) federated farmers associations in Bohol to monitor existing SAAD livelihood projects in the province between June 6 to 8, 2022.

June 6: Agriculture and Fisheries Monitoring

DA-SAAD (Agriculture)

Director Mula met with DA-SAAD Provincial Program Management Support Office (PPMSO), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), and Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) personnel in Bohol on June 6, 2022.

During the briefing at Provincial Agricultural Technology Coordinating Office (PATCO) Bohol, the director’s field visit was scheduled to maximize areas of interest, and for the farmers to personally meet and join the consultation with the program chief. His activities entail monitoring of farmers and fisherfolk activities, turnover of remaining SAAD projects in the province, and visiting Typhoon Odette-affected projects. Issues facing the farmers and fisherfolk were also raised to the director for recommendations and best possible solution.

Among the issues raised was the low population of carabaos where Director Mula recommended the establishment of a multiplier farm with forage development to address the need for bull repopulation under the carabao project received in 2020. He added to include breeders or bulls in the procurement with the caraheifers.

Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Larry Pamugas suggested improving the artificial insemination method at the municipal level with the assistance of livestock technicians to help the farmers in carabao repopulation.

In response, to address the farmers’ problems in breeding and push for multiplier activity, the regional implementers will draft proposals for supplementary support, and craft ways for smooth and accessible project monitoring. Action will begin in a careful review of the SAAD guidelines for multiplier farms and looking for a possible source of funds to support the farmers with their needs.

In Bohol, there are 1,065 beneficiaries from 41 associations who benefited from five projects on Integrated Carabao and Vegetable Production, Native Chicken Production, Corn-Peanut Production, and Banana-Sweet Potato Production implemented in the municipalities of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia (9), Getafe (7), Bien Unido (7), Buenavista (9), and Mabini (9).

The FPA-7 Regional Officer Arnulfo L. Arausa Jr.  and his team will also conduct orientation and consultation with farmers regarding fertilizer and pesticide-related issues that will introduce balanced fertilization strategy and utilization of pesticides.

BFAR-SAAD (Fisheries)

Though the BFAR – SAAD funding of interventions in Bohol lasted from 2019- 2021, project monitoring is continuously implemented to guarantee flourishment of fisherfolks’ projects in the province.

Inahan sa Kanunay’ng Panabang Cibucaw Fisherfolk Association (IKPCFA)

Dir. Mula met with the fishermen from Inahan sa Kanunay’ng Panabang Cibucaw Fisherfolk Association (IKPCFA) (45 members) in Dauis, Bohol.

BFAR-SAAD has provided 80 fishermen in the municipality of Dauis with fiber boats and drift gillnets worth Php 3,609,573 from 2019-2021.

The program provided IKPCFA members with 22-foot fiber boats and fishnets to help them earn a living. However, when typhoon Odette struck Bohol in December 2021, interventions from the program were greatly damaged which hampered the fishing activities of the FA.

To support and feed their families, the majority of the beneficiaries temporarily worked as laborers in the market and in construction sites.

Currently, the FA’s source of income is from the rent of camalig/shore cottages (earning up to Php 600 per cottage).

Since most of the fisherfolk have not yet recovered from the damage of the typhoon, they will install floating cottage as an additional income-generating means for the association within the year.

In the dialogue with the beneficiaries, the SAAD chief and BFAR Officer-in-Charge Provincial Fishery Officer Candido Samijon suggested to establish a seasonal seaweed farming as an additional income-generating project. They are encouraged to request permission from the barangay and the municipality level through the assigned technician for open zoning of proposed seaweed farming.

Seaweeds are valued at Php 60-100 per kilo depending on the product, which they can sell fresh or dried.

Looc Coastal Development Association

The Looc Fishermen Association with 62 members benefited from the Bangus Culture in Marine-Floating Fish Cages Project in 2019. They received materials for fish cage, fingerlings, and feeds for one cycle production with a total project cost of Php 270,000 each.

Aside from IKPCFA, the Looc Coastal Development Association (11 active members out of 62 members) in Calape was also visited by the director.

Prior to typhoon Odette, fisherfolks purchased materials for fish cage construction sourced from their 2020 income. However, the 10×10 fish cage unit was destroyed by Odette.

BFAR Bohol has reported a Php 800,000-worth of damage to SAAD projects caused by the typhoon Odette. Currently, they are taking actions to revive the mariculture in the area and restore the damages that affected the livelihood of fishermen.

The National Mariculture Center has seen the municipality of Calape as a satellite office because of its location and area, according to BFAR Bohol Director. Mariculture or marine agriculture refers to the culture of fishes in cages in marine environments.  ###


Writer: Jolina Daño, SAAD Region 7 Information Officer 1



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