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For and by the community: blooming SAAD poultry enterprise

CATANDUANES, June 29, 2022 – Despite the distance from the town proper, 15 members of the Cagraray Duck Raisers Association (CDRA) from Barangay Cagraray, Bato continue to sustain their egg production business through the assistance of the Department of Agriculture- Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program’s Duck Production Package.

The association received Php 672,000 worth of agricultural interventions last August 2021, which included 400 ducks, laminated sacks (40 pieces), duck feeds-layer (180 bags), duck feeds-grower (120 bags), linear feeder-1ft (80pcs), duck drinker (80pcs), and plastic screen (8 rolls).

On poultry enterprise

CDRA sustains its project in a 400 square meter (sqm) lot owned by the association’s president, Mr. Jesus Torzar in Barangay Cagraray, a remote area located in the northern part of Bato, Catanduanes. The barangay only consists of 176 households according to Barangay Cagraray’s records. Reaching this community requires a 25 to 30-minute land travel. Further, to go to their poultry area, one must endure a 15-20-minute mountain trek.

In September 2021 the association started to harvest and sell fresh duck eggs from their poultry area. As of April 2022, they have accumulated an initial income of Php 34,866.00 (Table 1).

Table 1. CDRA’S income (August 2021-May 2022)

Despite being in a far-flung barangay, the association finds no difficulties in selling the eggs as the product is easily advertised through word of mouth within the small area. Further, fresh eggs are sold to walk-in clients by displaying them inside the mini store of Mr. Torzar.

Their accumulated revenue will proceed to the association’s circulating fund and some portion will be allotted for their plan of procuring their own incubator. This would aid them in hatching eggs and replacing the old ducks with new ones.

Apart from managing their poultry project, some members venture into fishing and rice, abaca, and copra farming, while the rest of the members toil as tenant farmers.

In October 2021, members of the association underwent training on poultry production and enterprise development where they were able to learn to process egg products such as “balut” and salted eggs – products which they intend to sell in the future to expand their business.

As the demand for their product grows, they are planning to add more ducks which will be available also for sale. Likewise, they will venture into value-added products as mentioned above.

To add, Mr. Torzar, on behalf of the association, expressed their gratitude to the DA-SAAD Program.

“Gapasalamat po ako sa SAAD ta dai sinda gapabaya. Padagos kaming tiga tuwangan nganing mapadagos ining project na tinao samuya. Mabalos na sobra. Dakulang tuwang ini saamo” (I am thankful to DA-SAAD for never leaving us behind. They continuously help us in sustaining this project entrusted to us. Thank you so much. This is a big help to us), said Mr. Torzar. ###

Writer: Jovinel M. Gianan- SAAD PPMSO Information Officer

Source: Efren Tablizo, SAAD PPMSO Area Coordinator

Photo Source: Jovinel M. Gianan- SAAD PPMSO Information Officer

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