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Zambo Norte farmers receive additional poultry support from DA-SAAD

ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE, May 23, 2022 – The Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program delivered free additional chicken feed support benefitting 43 farmers’ associations (FAs) in Zamboanga del Norte, shouldering production expenses for the Layer Chicken-Egg Production Project.

On March 22-25, 2022, more than a thousand (1,357) poultry raisers received layer chicken feeds worth Php 2,041,650.00 distributed to 18 different municipalities of the province in support of their existing layer chicken project from SAAD.

Table 1. Distribution of chicken feed provided to Municipalities in Zamboanga del Norte

Most of the recipients have successfully replenished the culled chickens from their previous cycle. One example is the Litolet Consumers Cooperative with 25 members in Siayan which saved a generous amount of Php 556,200.00 from their net income of Php 745,998.79 for the replenishment of 20 modules (960 head) of layer chickens. Litolet residents mostly depend on farming corn, rice, and some high-value crops such as cassava and banana.

The Diland Women’s Association (DWA), composed of 32 women members, from Mutia municipality, also culled their five modules worth (240 head) of chickens this month and immediately replenished it from their savings worth Php 167,040.00.

When a layer chicken reaches 18 months, it is culled due to its incapacity to produce eggs. To generate income from the live culled chickens, these chickens are sold to local buyers at Php 150.00-Php 170.00 each.

This replenishment effort is intended to sustain the cycle of income generated and for the constant production of good quality eggs sold to regular customers.

“Before this opportunity came, we were all just at home doing household chores and taking care of our children while waiting for our husbands to work on the farm. But when SAAD gave us this project, we were also provided with the opportunity to support our family’s needs, we (women in the community) feel empowered,” said Ms. Eliza Maghinay, DWA President.

Ms. Maghinay also shared that last December, the association provided cash assistance of Php 2,500.00 and food items for Noche Buena as a rewarding gesture to a select 10 most active members who are consistently performing in the association meetings and relevant endeavors.

The FAs aim to expand their poultry and avail additional modules of chickens seeing a potential for the project to become their main source of living. Part of their sustainability plan is to save per month to ensure that when the chickens reach 18 months and are no longer producing eggs, they can buy new laying chickens as replenishment.

The DA-SAAD in Zamboanga del Norte continues to deliver livelihood support under its mission of alleviating poverty and improving the farmers’ quality of life. From 2017-2021, the SAAD in ZDN delivered 352 projects to 616 group beneficiaries with 23,996 members.

Writer: Aimee Lou Madjus, Information Officer I

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