Start-up backyard poultry farming improves Apayao farmers’ income

APAYAO, May 25, 2022 – Fifteen (15) farmers from Malubibit Sur, Malubibit Norte, Anninipan, San Jose, Tamalunog (MAST) Farmers Association in Flora, Apayao earn from the Chicken Egg Production Project of the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program, augmenting income and ensuring local production and regular supply of eggs in the community.

The project, amounting to Php 306,250, was initially distributed on August 18, 2021, consisting of 230 head of chicken, 75 bags of grower feeds, and a Package of Technology (POT) on Chicken Production.

Ms. Lita Tugade, a member, shared that through the project she felt like she is a part of and can contribute to the betterment of their community by helping their neighbors sell eggs to local buyers and sari-sari stores in the town proper.

“Gapo iti pinaglak-lako mi iti egg, naamiris ko kasanu ka-importante iti adda’a iti supply iti egg dituy barangay mi. Ta idi, madi mi pay ma-afford iti gumatang egg supply mi ta adayo met iti centro, iti kinaadayo na nangina unay para dakami iti pamahase mapan centro nu aggapo kami barangay,” expressed Ms. Tugade.

(By selling eggs, I was able to realize how important it is to have a direct supply in our barangay. Because back then, we couldn’t even afford to purchase egg supplies because the town proper is far from here and it’s expensive for us to travel from our barangay to town proper.)

Farm operation to poultry egg business

Ms. Ronalyn Rosario, another member, said they experienced slow production during the first two months of taking care of the animal stocks. This is due to the stress of stocks brought by the travel period from the source to the province. But since the group has a long experience in terms of backyard farming, they were able to manage through proper feeding to meet the animals’ energy and production requirements.

According to Ms. Rosario, the way the chickens are fed is as important as the feed itself. Ensuring enough feeder space for all the chickens to eat further maintains their diet while preparing them in laying eggs.

In November, the group started collecting eggs for marketing. From November to May, the group collected 14,894 pieces of egg, filling up 360 trays, and earning Php 61,200 at Php 170 per tray.

Members are required to provide 10 pieces of egg per month, which will be collected by officers for consolidation and transparency.

“Nakita mi nga detuy impact na detuy nga narugyan mi nga negosyo. Maibaga mi nga dakkel iti advantage na detuy para kadagiti pagbayigan mi, ta aglalo ita ket kasapulan annak mi iti load allowance tapno maitul-tuloy da latta iti apan da pinagbasa ita nga pandemic,” expressed Ms. Rosario.

(We were able to witness the impact of this business that we started. We can attest that this is a great advantage for us to generate additional income, especially now that our children need load allowance to pursue their education amid the pandemic.)

Plan towards sustainability

The group plans to expand their farm operations by purchasing an incubator for chicken production and for producing chicks for additional income.

For the sustainability initiative, the group will be producing more stock as replenishment to continue with their business.

Mr. Nelmark Rasay, Project Development Officer, in a statement lauds the group for taking initiative.

“Nagpintas iti turung yu ta ammo yu nga addan to idi patingga dagituy naiteted kanyayu nga proyekto. Mayat unay nga dengdenggen ta saksakbayan yun tapno nu kasta agtul-tuloy detuy nga pagbiayagan yu,” mentioned Mr.  Rasay.

(It’s good to hear that you are aware of the life span of this project. It’s great that you are already taking initiative to secure the sustainability of your established livelihood.)

Before the SAAD program ends its Phase 1 in December, the field implementers in partnership with the Municipal Local Government Unit (LGU) ensure that the group will be endorsed by other agencies like Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to encourage and equip them with marketing and enterprise building skills. ###

Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, Information Officer I, SAAD Apayao