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DA-SAAD Caraga introduces low-cost feed production to Carmen poultry farmers

SURIGAO DEL SUR, April 5, 2022 – Seventeen (17) poultry farmers trained in low-cost feed formulation and production from March 22 to 23 through the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in Carmen, Surigao del Sur.

The training imparted the value of producing low-cost feeds as a practical initiative of the Cancavan Corn Growers Association (CCGA), recipient of the SAAD-funded poultry production project (FY 2019-2022).

(Read Crop and poultry production: A practical and sustainable livelihood to view CCGA’s profile.)

Since 2019, the DA-SAAD Program has provided the association with 744 bags of feeds worth Php 1,121,971.22. By making their own feeds, the association will be able to sustain the project as expenses will lessen, and, in turn, maximize their income even without the program’s additional feed assistance.

Table 1. Feeds provided by DA-SAAD to CCGA from 2019-2021

Euniel G. Atalo of the DA Regulatory Division served as the training resource person. Atalo elaborated on the appropriate poultry nutrition, feed formulation, and processing, including types, standard mixing ratio, nutrient composition, and proper handling and storage.

The training also highlighted the importance of feed formulation as an alternative in sustaining the livelihood in the years ahead.

CCGA will use corn and soybeans as the main inputs for their feeds. Under FY 2022, the association will receive hammer mill, pelletizer, feed mixer, and feed formulation materials to support the said initiative.


Writer: Mark Angelo Pineda, Information Officer DA-SAAD Caraga

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