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Hatching results, DA-SAAD continues to support poultry ventures of Bicolano farmers

BICOL, March 25, 2022 – The Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program supports poultry ventures of farmers aiding to earn more income and stable supply. The Cabuyoan Native Chicken Association (CNCA) from Panganiban, Catanduanes, and 147 farmers from different farmers’ associations (FAs) from across Sorsogon are among those who received stocks of different breeds of chicken as livelihood interventions.


Twenty-three (23) members of CNCA earned a total of Php 17,160.00, for the first three months, from the Native Chicken Production and Feeds project of the DA-SAAD Program.

The group manages a total fenced area of 300 square meters (sqm) of a privately-owned lot in Cabuyoan, Panganiban, which is utilized for their poultry production. As an agreement with the landowner, the association provides one tray of eggs per week in return for the owner’s generosity.

In August 2021, the group received the stocks worth Php 562,000.00 which include 400 heads of native chicken, 40 pcs of laminated sacks, 120 bags of layer chicken feeds, 80 bags of grower chicken feeds, 80 pcs of chicken feeder, 80 pcs of chicken drinker, and eight rolls of plastic screens.

Further, on December 13, 2021, the group started to harvest 80-100 fresh eggs daily, which they sell at Php 5.00 each for small or medium sizes, Php 7.00 for the large size, and Php 8.00 for extra-large. Likewise, small, medium, large, and extra-large trays are sold for Php 150.00, Php 170.00, and Php 200.00, respectively.

Table 1. CNCA’s egg production income from December 2021 to March 2022








The group sells fresh eggs inside the barangay through walk-in purchases and online orders. They allocate parts of their earnings for necessary expenses and maintenance to sustain the project, such as chicken housing and electrical repairs. Meanwhile, in terms of management, two members each day are tasked to feed the chickens, harvest eggs, and report any incident or development that took place within the area. Further, based on the group’s agreements, the incubator and other poultry materials provided by DA-SAAD last March 2021, are kept under the custody of the association’s secretary.

In his message, the group’s president, Mr. Marcial Olesco Vallespin expressed his gratitude to the DA- SAAD Program.

“Ang SAAD nagtao samo nin paglaom sa samong aro-aldaw na pagkabuhay. Sa sitwasyon ta ngonian lalo na ta may Covid, sinda (SAAD) padagos na nagtatabang nganing kami maka angat- angat sa buhay. Kaya dakula na grabe an samong pasasalamat. Mabalos,” [SAAD gave us hope in our day-to-day living. Amid the threat of COVID-19, they (SAAD) continue to help us improve our lives. That’s why it’s right to truly give them thanks. Thank you,] said Mr. Vallespin.

The association has already started incubating eggs and plans to produce more Kabir and sell the chicks in the market. Moreover, the group aims for more value-adding products such as leche flan, cake, and other pastry products or kakanin. To achieve these, the association plans initiate the procurement of cooking tools and other materials needed for production.


Meanwhile, 147 farmers in Sorsogon received Php 382,500.00 worth of RTL and free-range chickens from the DA-SAAD Program. The project, procured through the SAAD FY 2021 Savings, was distributed to five Sorsogon farmers’ associations (FAs) namely, Esperanza Farmers’ Association in Pilar with 30 members, Catanagan Farmers’ Association in Juban with 37 members, Hidhid Farmers’ Association in Matnog with 23 members, San Eugenio and Animal Farmers’ Association in Sta Magdalena with 28 members and Tupas Indigenous Farmers’ Association in Donsol with 29 members.

Table 2.  Sorsogon delivery and distribution 2021 Livestock Savings

The project aims to help the poultry raisers from Sorsogon earn additional income from chicken egg production businesses. Esperanza President Noel Mariñas, 41, shared his gratitude to the program: “Napakadakulang biyaya po na matawan kami nin siring kaining benepisyo asin tabang dugtong sa samuyang pangangaipo hali sa SAAD Program. Dakulang salamat man kay Director Mula sa pagtao nin pundasyon asin pagpapahalaga sa samuyang asosasyon.”

(It’s such an honor for us to be given such blessings as we are given benefits and help with regard to our necessities and needs from the SAAD Program. We are grateful to Director Mula who made this possible by giving us the foundation and appreciation in our association.)

This May, the SAAD Program will be conducting a training on Poultry Production and Product Development to equip farmers with knowledge on how to sustain the given intervention. ###


Jovinel M. Gianan, SAAD Catanduanes Information Officer

Pauline Trixia D. Borja, SAAD Program Sorsogon Information Officer


Efren Tablizo, SAAD Catanduanes Area Coordinator

Rea Tomagan, Catanduanes Area Coordinator

Gail Antioquia, SAAD Livestock and Poultry Technical Staff

Mary Rose Detera,  SAAD Program Sorsogon Provincial Coordinator

Photos: Efren Tablizo, SAAD Catanduanes Area Coordinator


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