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Php 21k initial income of 15 poultry raisers in Catanduanes reported

CATANDUANES, February 28, 2022 – Fifteen (15) members of Suchan Chicken Raiser’s Association (SCRA) in barangay Suchan, Bagamanoc started earning from the FY 2021 Native Chicken Production and Feeds Enterprise Development Project of the Department of Agriculture’s Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program.

Provided to the group in July 2021, SCRA received Php 656,600 poultry-related inputs which include 400 native chickens (kabir), 40 pieces (pcs) laminated sacks, 120 bags of chicken layer feeds, 80 bags of chicken grower feeds, 80 pcs of chicken feeder, 80 pcs of chicken drinker/waterer, 8 rolls of plastic screen/nets, 1 unit of freezer, 8 plastic drums, 5 crates, 2 weighing scale, 3 large container, 50 dozen of egg trays, 3 pcs of trays, and 5 pcs of cauldrons/pot.

At an approximate 400 square meters communal poultry area, the group assigned two to three members each day for maintenance, stock feeding, and collecting of eggs.

Four months after the distribution of poultry inputs, the group reported that they started to gather at least 80-100 eggs per day and sold them at Php 5 per piece.Table 1. SCRA income as of January 2022



Gross Income

December  20-31, 2021




January 1-February 17, 2022






From December 20, 2021 to February 17, 2022, a total of Php 21,150 was earned from selling fresh table eggs to their neighbors and walk-in customers.

Their income was allocated for the expansion of their chicken housing (bamboo and nipa), since they received an incubator from the program in 2020. The artificial method in hatching of eggs will increase their number of stocks and eventually increase their revenue.

Once the chicken will be at their sustainable production and lay more eggs, only then can the members get their percentage from the total revenue while the balance will be allotted for project sustainability.

Also, for project sustainability, they have started producing salted and pickled eggs which they plan to venture into in the coming months. ###


Jovinel M. Gianan, SAAD Catanduanes Information Officer
Angelica A. Blanco, SAAD RPMSO Planning Officer

Source: Melrose B. Buetre, SAAD Catanduanes Provincial Coordinator
Photos by: Jovinel M. Gianan, SAAD Catanduanes Information Officer

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